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Frankly, My Dear, You Had This Contest At Hello

Everyone has been in this situation: you’re watching a movie with friends, when a character says something you don’t understand, but which sounds really deep. So you nod and pretend to be impressed, because you don’t want to seem stupid. Well, you’re not stupid. You’re smart. The line just makes no sense.

Enter Street. We’re compiling the top ten movie quotes we don’t understand, and we want you, the readers, to help. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or send them to street-film@dailypennsylvanian.com before Tuesday night at midnight. Then, this Thursday, the ten most ridiculous lines will appear in the Film section of Street. The person who suggests the most nonsensical quote of all will win 2 free passes to an advanced screening of an upcoming movie.

On your mark, get set…GO.

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By UTB Editor on January 24, 2009 at 2:21 pm

It doesn’t qualify as really profound-sounding, but I’m baffled by “honest to blog?” in Juno. I swear to blog!

By Charlotte Borgen on January 24, 2009 at 2:21 pm

Maybe this is more wrong than confusing, but one that comes to mind is “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Sure, I love my mom, but I still felt an obligation to apologize when I drunk dialed her three times in one night. Perhaps I shouldn’t have.

By carbonsyx on January 24, 2009 at 2:21 pm

The Butterfly Effect had some really bad lines.
Mismatched metaphors:
“This is the very moment of your reckoning. In the next 30 seconds you’re gonna open 1 of 2 doors. The first door will forever traumatize your own flesh and blood. [...] Your other option is… to treat Kayleigh like, say like a loving father treats his daughter.”
Poor cliches:
“Whoa… Would it make a difference if I told you that no one could possibly ever love anyone as much as I love you? [...] I am not saying that, I am just saying it like if you were a girl, would that be something you would want to hear?”
And ones that just sound idiotic:
“More fucked up than I am? You think you know me? I don’t even know me!”
Oh and really bad taglines: “The end is only the beginning.”

By Philip Malaczewski on January 24, 2009 at 2:21 pm

In the U.S. remake of the Japanese horror movie Pulse (which is rife with WTF quotes, by the way) there’s this line:

“Do you know what dying tastes like? Metal.”

I was gonna say chicken. But metal was my second guess.

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