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If Only They Lived In The Quad

We’re not sure if we even care anymore, but it appears as though Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe went all loose-lipped over at the Guardian and spilled the beans that Hermione Emma Watson is officially headed to Brown. Scout Willis (Demi and Bruce’s other daughter, who was born between the one who is all up in the tabloids and the one who is “interning” at Harper’s”) is going there, too. The Roundup is so jealous. But, hey, at least we get Denzel’s kid!

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By Michael Gold on July 5, 2009 at 12:46 pm By UTB Editor Emeritus on July 5, 2009 at 12:46 pm

A quick guide to Willis sisters, by your funemployed former UTB editor:
-Rumer is, as Julia says, all up in the tabloids, but her Hollywood ambitions date way back to the mid-nineties, when she played Demi Moore’s daughter in “Striptease” and also also had a role in “Now and Then.” I think Demi used to bring her to work and be like, “YO, PUT MY DAUGHTER IN THIS MOVIE OR ELSE.” On a scale of Bruce to Demi, she looks most like Demi.
-Scout is “the smart one,” falls exactly in the center of the Bruce to Demi scale.
-Tallulah is on the Bruce end of the Bruce to Demi scale, and she is also the one I am the most concerned about when I think about how weird it is that Ashton Kutcher is her stepfather yet Bruce Willis and his young wife still hang around with them allll the time.

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