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Christmas, Presidentially

It’s pretty apparent that we at UTB have a thing for Amy Gutmann. We just do. And one of our favorite things about Amy is her ability to throw sicknasty parties, with her holiday party (you know, the one that’s held at her house!) being the most epic. Take a journey with us as we show you the highlights from this year’s affair.


Um, OMG. This tree is beautiful, and look at all the presents! We wonder if any of those are for Michael or Leah.


We ask if we can go upstairs. Twice. We are told no. Twice. Don’t you just want to slide down that banister?


The mantle is DECKED: nutcrackers, holly, poinsettias. Classy.


Okay, first, why doesn’t A-Gut have a bigger TV? She makes bank! Second, what is with all the Christmasness? Amy is a Jew from Brooklyn. And like a quarter of the student population is Jewish. And while she did go to Hillel tonight, there is not one menorah or dreidel or even any gelt to be seen. Hmmmmm.


And now we enter the tent in Amy’s backyard. There is hot chocolate and apple cider served by super cute waiters. We opt for a Shirley Temple in a Greenware cup. Plus 5.


As per our tweet, “The tent is PACKED. What is this, Transit, but with a chocolate fountain??”


This made the sad students who were holed up in Van Pelt all day very, very happy. Take note, Mark’s Cafe.


Our first Amy sighting of the night! That’s the back of her head! (Full disclosure: we have about half a dozen pictures of the back of her head, we’re just choosing not to post them.) She’s watching the Penn Glee Club spread some holiday cheer via song. Sadly they do not sing “Bust Your Windows.”


Amy and the boys. Precious.

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By Lauren Lipsay on December 14, 2009 at 11:15 pm

So stalker-licious. A job well done, J.

By jew on December 14, 2009 at 11:15 pm

the back of her head is redikulous

By mm on December 14, 2009 at 11:15 pm

look at the first picture. no president of a university would live in a house with such an industrial-looking central cooling system! clearly this house is just a front. we all know she just lives in the nyc!

go 212!

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