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Huevos Rancheros At Distrito: Yes, Brunch!

Given the relative scarcity of quality weekend brunch options in the hood (spare us from the attitude at Rx and the pretentious molecular gastrobullshit at Marigold), we’re quite excited by this most recent development. Starting next weekend, Distrito will begin serving a weekend brunch from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The menu is set to include a number of egg dishes, like Chilaquiles (fried egg with with Mexican crema, queso fresco, grilled red onions, green chile sauce and micro cilantro) nad Huevos Rancheros, as well as sweeter options like French toast with cajeta, berries and Chantilly cream. Food items range from $8 to $15.

And like any good weekend brunch, ’tis a boozy brunch. We’re already craving the “Distrito Bloody Maria,” a Bloody Mary spinoff with chipotle infused vodka, fresh tomato, horseradish, lime and cilantro.

Though you’ll likely be out of town already for Spring Break on the opening weekend, we can’t wait to get our tortilla on in March.

Full menu, after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

CampusFebruary 24, 2010 at 11:07 am

Man vs. Food

Did you miss IHOP’s National Pancake Day yesterday? No worries—you can still get your buttermilk fix for free.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters group on campus is throwing a man vs. food-style pancake eating contest this morning at 11:50am in the Perelman Quad outside Houston.

If you want to get in on this flapjack slop fest, you can still sign up here or just show up at the event. They promise syrup AND prizes (interestingly enough, all are food related). Could life get any better?

Not that hungry this a.m.? Watching your pre-spring break bod? Rumor has it that the contest is for speed—not amount. Phew!

If the rain returns, the pancakes (and the contest) will migrate to the Bistro area inside Houston. Crepe v. Pancake?

CampusFebruary 24, 2010 at 11:04 am

A Happy Wednesday To Us All!

Jeez Louise that’s a whole lotta cookies! Looks like the West Philly girl scouts are back in action, posted up near the compass. We’re not sure how we feel about little Junior Scouts cruising around campus in a John Deer golf cart, but hey! with FroGro out of commission, this may be the cleanest food available to us right now. Points if you can snag us a box of Samoas!

CityFebruary 23, 2010 at 1:01 pm

Berry Berry Extraordinary

This is what happens when you google "froyo."

Okay, so fro-yo in Philly might be a little overdone. The frozen fad created knockoff Pinkberrys all over the place, even right here on campus with Sprinkles Kiwi SprinKiwi. But our fair city is taking it up a notch and, according to this article, finally getting a REAL Pinkberry! No word yet on where it’ll be– while the PB website has a “swirling soon” map up, we doubt the middle of City Hall is actually where it’s at.

Edit: Okay, so Grub Street says this is all false and Pinkberry hates Philly (or at least that’s what we get from it). So why the swirling map, PB? Why you gotta play us like that?

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Check Out That Package

Ben! What have they done to you? We know you founded the US Postal Service in 1775, but we fail to see how covering you in boxes pays homage to that fact. (Thanks to AJ Thomas for the tip.)

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Penn Oncologist Develops Melanoma Drug

This is not Keith Flaherty.

Once upon a time, we set up a Google alert to let us know whenever good ol’ Penn was mentioned in the news. About five minutes later, we turned said alert off because, well, most of the stuff is pret-ty lame. But an article in today’s New York Times makes us (almost) wish we had reconsidered. We knew Penn had some talented people, but this is fo’ real.

Dr. Keith Flaherty, a Penn oncologist, has spent the last few years leading a team of doctors in researching and creating a melanoma drug that actually appears to work. The drug targets a specific genetic mutation that typically drives the disease. The latest trial significantly shrunk tumors in 11 out of 13 patients, the unlucky two not having matched the genetic mutation for which the gene was developed. The drug still needs to go through many tests and trials before it is determined to be safe for widespread use, but it just goes to show (despite evidence to the contrary) that there are some things going on in our little University City bubble people actually get right!

CampusFebruary 22, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Huntsman Is Your Grad Speaker

As per a DP online update, Jon M. Huntsman Jr. is booked as the 2010 Commencement speaker. Aside from being the namesake for Wharton HQ, Huntsman used to be the Governor of Utah and now serves as the U.S. Ambassador to China.

It’s no big deal, but we actually predicted this in July. True story. And no, you cannot borrow our crystal ball.

PennetrationFebruary 22, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Pennetration, Edition 4: The Coincidental Abroad Hookup

In this week’s installment of Pennetration, we bring you across many timezones to Australia. The famed junior semester abroad is supposed to be a “cultural experience,” but usually ends up being fueled by sex, drugs and techno music. You take your pick with this tale from way down under:

Before I set sail for my semester abroad in Australia, I frequently fantasized about the possibility of getting lucky on a beach with a gorgeous Australian surfer boy who would rock my world down under, over, and every way in between. But a month and a half in, my fantasies had not yet been translated into reality, leaving me frustrated, horny and on edge…going out every single night with a mission to get some from any man, nationality aside.

Until one night, the most bizarre, coincidental and sexy encounter of my life occurred. My friends and I arrived at a swanky Sydney nightclub, and the first thing I did was look for the nearest bathroom. The downstairs line was ridiculous, so two friendly Australian girls insisted I go to the upstairs bathroom with them where the line would be shorter. I was standing the bathroom line in this bar I wasn’t even planning on going to in the first place, when a hot Aussie man in line behind me decided to strike up a conversation. I mentioned I was from New York, and he responded that he had spent a summer there as a camp counselor. Instantly I realized why I kind of sort of recognized him. Read the rest of this entry »

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Electrical Problems, Huh?

Some of you may have already heard from the DP that FroGro lied to us! We guess that “generator malfunction” is a euphemism for “we got mice up in here!”.

In a move that would disappoint Michelle Obama, FroGro reopened after being ordered to shut down last Wednesday and Thursday.

We’re hesitant to go back to FroGro (now? ever? next drunken night?). In the meantime, try out our list of alternative grocery outlets after the jump.

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And Kid Cudi Is Performing At Fling

Phew, well that’s done with. Kid Cudi will be performing as an opener at Spring Fling. Here’s SPEC’s video. As for the Kid Rock prank, well done (once again), UTV13.