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Amy Opined In The New York Times

Amy’s back in action today, proving that being a college president is not only about throwing parties and nomming gelato, but also being really smart. In an opinion collaboration with Dennis Thompson of Harvard (he’s the Kanye to her Jay-Z), she discusses the lack of compromise in Congress. While that’s a lofty topic (really, we’ll be sure to check out the forthcoming book), we can’t help but feel a little disappointed. In the spirit of protecting our fair institution, we think Amy should’ve held her op-ed hostage until a certain other opinion writer apologized for almost destroying Penn’s reputation.

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By Michael Convente at November 30, 2011 at 9:42 am

Actually, it’s the NY Times that should have held Dr. Gutmann’s editorial hostage, only to be released following a thorough editing to inform readers which political party is failing to compromise in Washington. (hint – it’s not the Democrats)

In fact, liberals like myself have criticized President Obama and the Democratic leadership for compromising TOO much with the Republicans. John Boehner’s version of compromise is “do what we want, or else nothing gets passed”. Only an inside-the-Beltway, out of touch type like Dr. Gutmann, with her $1.3 million salary, could presume that ALL of Congress has rejected compromise, when in reality that rejection is exclusively owned by the Republicans.

Of course, compromise would only work if the middle ground was indeed a middle ground. But ever since the time of Reagan, the proverbial Overton Window that defines what the middle actually is has been veering right, to the point that liberal ideas are not even discussed and “middle ground” ideas are brushed aside, leading to the inevitable weak-spined Democrats agreeing to policy that Republicans themselves introduced only two decades earlier. (See the healthcare debates of 2009, where single payer was not even seriously discussed, the public option was bashed by Blue Dog Democrats, and we get a plan that looks a lot like Mitt Romney’s plan from Massachusetts).

Finally, despite acknowledging an environment that would foster compromise in the first place, I actually think compromise in government way overrated. I may detest what Republicans stand for, but damn, they know how to slam through a legislative agenda, outcries of the poor minority be damned. All compromise does in government is prevent legislation from being enacted. Case in point – Dr. Gutmann references the filibuster and its 60 vote limit. Newsflash – the filibuster is simple a Senate rule that can be eliminated by a simple majority vote when the Senate defines its operating rules at the beginning of each Congressional session immediately post elections (just as the Constitution allows). There’s nothing that prevents the Senate from getting rid of this obstructive and archaic rule, other than the fact they’ll actually have an easier time getting stuff done…

All in all, Dr. Gutmann’s editorial (with contribution from Dr. Thompson) shows that she is completely out of touch with the political reality occurring in Washington and throughout the States. The reality being that one party, being the Republicans, has become so infiltrated with radicals that they would rather halt any legislation that goes against their totally draconian agenda and values, than give a nanometer to compromise. How anyone with their head above the sand could infer that the lack of compromise is a two way street in Washington, not to mention a supposed esteemed Ivy League President and political science scholar, is beyond comprehension.

By EH at November 30, 2011 at 9:42 am

Dude, chill out. Obviously the Uni President cannot be super-partisan and blatantly blame it all on the Republicans.

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