NewsNovember 21, 2011 at 4:48 pm

Penn’s Been Getting TechCrunched

Penn received two shoutouts this week on TechCrunch, a technology blog that covers all of the latest-and-greatest startups and gadgets.

First up is Kinecthesia, a Microsoft Kinect, that “allows the blind to navigate a room or open space, relying on feedback through the motors to assess objects in their path.” Kinecthesia was developed by two Penngineers in ESE 350 and has been recognized by Google Zeitgeist Young Minds.  They also got to experience every Penngineer’s dream: talk to a girl.  But it wasn’t just any girl, it was Chelsea Clinton!

The other gadget recognized by TechCrunch is μWave, the YouTube-playing microwave mash-up that won this semester’s PennApps competition.  According to Twitter, the μWave has been busy travelling the world microwaving for everyone.

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