NewsMarch 30, 2012 at 2:50 pm

SPEC Announces QuadFest, Featuring Your Fave Philly And Penn Superstars

Props to the insanely jazzy and groovy SPEC Jazz and Grooves for putting together its own mini music festival on Fling Friday! QuadFest, which will take place in the Lower Quad on April 13th from 12-6pm, is the perfect Tiesto/Passion Pit pregame. Not that you should pregame during Fling. Definitely not.

The SPECtacular event (teehee!) will, however, feature Dâm-Funk, the “Ambassador of Boogie Funk” (huh?), Body Language, Reptar, and rising Philadelphia chanteur Sun Airway! Of course, Penn faves Slow Dance Chubby and Silk City (among others) will be jammin’ for a bit as well. We’ll be there, naturally. Will you?

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