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Shutter Button: All Hail Van Pelt

This snapshot was taken at Van Pelt’s dedication ceremony on one sunny October day in 1962. It’s like a retro Library Social! Imagine if the ceremony was right now and all of these nice people were simply sitting there watching you study and listening to you learn.

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By lol on May 1, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Ahaha great caption. Way to make it sound like Penn students are curiosities, likened to caged zoo animals. I guess around finals we start looking as such, too. But, if you really want to observe some primal behavior, head to Huntsman, where all the animal instincts of casual sex, ABP hunger, and unbridled aggression play out in a viciously snobby survival of the fittest. — Chilled-out College kid, majoring in something with legitimate job prospects

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