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Race To The UA 2K12: *~♥Anthony Janocko’s Campaign Video♥~* (And Some Other Stuff)

You thought campaign posters were the cruelest torture, did you? Isn’t that cute? BUT IT’S WRONG! Because of  Facebook and Twitter and videocameras and other bleep-bleep-bloop technologies, everyone feels entitled to colonize the Interwebs with his or her presence. (Note: UTB is excluded from this statement because we say so.) Long story short, freshmen continue to make election videos, and we all suffer. But sometimes, the goddesses smile upon us:

Don’t even listen to what Anthony Janocko is talking about; we all know it doesn’t matter. Instead, treat yourself and skip ahead to 1:10. It’s okay, sweet child. Do it. We all have at this point. First person to make a GIF out of his “Gangnam Style” dance at the end gets Capogiro gelato on us. (No joke.)

OH, BROTHER! Aidan McConnell seems nice and all, but in the words of a wise old soul, “I don’t think this kid gets what campaigns at Penn are like.” We like your campaign platform, Aidan, but the video could have used 100% more puppies.

There’s only room for one “Gangnam Style” candidate and HAVE YOU MET ANTHONY JANOCKO, JUSTIN? We rest our case. Also, who told you that your four friends could dance through our holes for entertainment purposes? Have some respect.

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