34th Street MagazineNovember 8, 2012 at 12:07 pm

STREET Presents: Escape from Penn

Hi there. You still with us? Good. Then read on about Penn’s own dissidents. Transfer students share their stories on why they left Penn inĀ this week’s feature.

Ego talks to the Big Men On Campus, and Film chills with Agyness Deyn. Music fills you in on a hip hop “Initiative” at Penn. Arts explores another initiative (sans quotes) by the Kelly Writer’s House, which pairs artists with writers.

Food’s theme this week is themes. Can you say meta?

Highbrow gossips, and Lowbrow hands out awards for the best toilets on campus (see if your favorite took home the gold!) Backpage has doggie woggies. Poochy woochies. Frat dogs.

Writer’s meeting tonight! 6:30. 4015 Walnut. Frat dogs welcome (please).


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