NewsJanuary 22, 2013 at 11:20 am

Castle Dubbed “Sweet” By BroBible

castleBroBible posted a notice to the interwebs instructing readers to submit America’s ultimate fraternity domains, and the results are in: Penn’s Psi Upsilon chapter, or Castle, is America’s #7 best frat house—a rather patriotic title for a group of international imports.

Long called the most impressive house on Penn’s campus, the Castle was built in 1899 and, after a short break in the 90s, has remained the Psi Upsilon house ever since. Unanimous sentiment of everyone in the office upon seeing its picture: “Sweet.”

Oddly enough, for a bunch of guys who pride themselves in engaging conversation, Castle is the one house on the list that doesn’t have a “Your Take” section, meaning that the folks over at BroBible scoured the place up on their own with seemingly no submissions or input from anyone at Penn. Sweet.

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