NewsJanuary 15, 2013 at 3:02 pm

Quaker Ladies, Sugar Babies

broadcast_event_image_20120419150222_a8d98b38-6795-40a6-a3d1-37c1b8a856cd_seeking_arrangement_logo_and_faces_pic_gallery2A weak economy and annual tuition increases bring about…what? Longer work days? Social spending cuts? One less trip to the Maldives? Sure. But what we don’t usually consider when we don’t have the dough for college is the increasingly popular market for Sugar Daddies. That’s right. Daddies made of sugar. 

But seriously, people look for older gentlemen, or “Sugar Daddies,” to pay their college tuition and/or student loans. is a website that facilitates this, and they’ve reported a national increase in “Sugar Babies” – female coeducational students who rely on a Sugar Daddy for the big bucks to pay the big bills. The site helps these young women find their SD’s, while their personal interactions are completely at their own consenting discretion.

Penn ranked #58 on the Sugar Baby list, trailing behind Penn State at #12 and Temple at #3. See who else made the cut.

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