NewsFebruary 22, 2013 at 10:30 am

Huntsman Backs Marriage Equality

url-1Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. has something to say about gay marriage, and it’s not what one might expect from such a prominent conservative. In an article he wrote on, Huntsman takes a critical look at what today’s conservatism stands for. More importantly, he takes a stand on marriage equality:

Today we have an opportunity to do more: conservatives should start to lead again and push their states to join the nine others that allow all their citizens to marry. I’ve been married for 29 years. My marriage has been the greatest joy of my life. There is nothing conservative about denying other Americans the ability to forge that same relationship with the person they love.

Huntsman also discusses marriage equality in the realm of religion. He makes the point that religious institutions will not be forced by the state to recognize gay marriage, reinforcing the prominence and importance of the separation of church and state.

Great work, Jon Jr. Does this mean we can put Safe Space stickers on the front doors of Huntsman Hall?

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