Locust FlaikusFebruary 21, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Locust Flaikus: Edition 3

tumblr_loyw3ka4p91qekcm1Happy Thursday, y’all!  Have no fear–Locust Flaikus is here. Even though it ain’t the weekend yet, we’re ready to celebrate a little early, because there’s just so much to do on campus.

And since we know the reason you didn’t grab these flyers yourselves is because you were too busy rushing to class (not), we’ve got you covered.

Beautopia: A Face Odyssey 

This is still a thing?
Maybe if we all go soon,
They’ll stop wasting trees.

Bloomers Presents: Law and Disorder – Special Bloomers Unit

Save us, S.B.U.!
Your wit and charm are sure to
Provide cure enough.

Penn Dhamaka Presents: Dhamakistan

Let’s wish Dhamaka
Happy Anniversary
…and then all get low.

Philly Factor

Have the it factor?
Been feeling charitable?
Paula may be there.

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