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Penn Genius Reaches Out To Rap Genius

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 3.47.46 PMIn the latest job application to make us feel worthless, Penn senior Ankit Shah pulled an “Alice Lee” and made an awesome-looking website to attract the attention of his dream employer, Rap Genius.  The start-up, which received a cool $15 million in funding last October, became popular by decoding those tricky rap lyrics you can’t even pretend to understand.  Now, their aim is to move into deciphering other texts too, like political speeches and Bible verses.

Ankit totally dons his fan-girl hat in his website, by showering the site’s creators with compliments, and then he delicately offers a rendering of site improvements he envisions.  The application page has circulated the web since its debut Wednesday, and Rap Genius even tweeted “dopest resume we’ve ever received,” so Ankit may have just done the trick.  Getting that second-round OCR interview doesn’t seem so impressive now, does it, loud talker in Huntsman forum?

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By Maboo on February 7, 2013 at 5:24 pm

EMILY: do you have a rap genius account?

We gotta get all of Penn signed up, as we become the biggest website in the world, we need to hire countless ivy league eggheads to decode ALL OF TEXT – and we only hire from within our community!

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