ShutterButtonFebruary 13, 2013 at 11:23 am

ShutterButton: Fifty Shades of Pompeii

Click the image to get that gosh darn Quaker out of the way. Go ahead, no one’s watching.

Valentine’s is tomorrow, kids. You still dateless? All alone and not gettin’ the bone? (Sorry.) Fifty Shades of Grey just not doin’ it for ya? Well maybe this’ll cheer you up. Yesterday, the Penn Museum featured Fifty Shades of Pompeii (their title, not ours) and let’s just say Vesuvius wasn’t the only thing erupting in 69 79 C.E. Young Friends of the Penn Museum presented a collection of erotic artwork that was excavated from Pompeii’s ruins in the 1700s. Apparently Pompeiians were super into that stuff—Wiki says there was even phallic worship going on. Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

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