NewsFebruary 5, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Slow Dance Chubby Releases EP!

544021_10151226225268727_1054996768_nMusic fans and chronic battle-of-the-bands attendees — listen up! Slow Dance Chubby, the alternative rock band composed of six awesomely talented Penn students, has just released another¬†EP! The talented crew produced their new EP, Sink Hole, with Raymond Richards, a dude who worked with the Local Natives on their debut LP. Purrtyy cool stuff.

Check their five-song set here on iTunes or look them up in Spotify. But be careful with the latter, though — there are a series of playlists on Spotify titled “Chubby” which we can only imagine you’d listen to while lathering up and caressing a larger lover in the dark.

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