FeaturesMarch 4, 2013 at 7:49 pm

The Five Stages Of Spring Break

ready to partySpring break might feel too short, and that’s because it definitely is. There’re gonna be a lot of emotions in a short timespan so here’s your guide to what most of us will be feeling, and how to deal.

1. Adjusting
You’re imagining what you’d be doing if you had classes today. Sleep until you’re not nocturnal anymore. Put thoughts of homework to bed too.

2. Embracing
Time to put higher education completely out of your mind. Spring break is here; you deserve this, girl! If you’re sticking around, there are still shenanigans to be had.

3. Immersing
You’re deep enough into spring break and far enough from the end to let it all loose. Live a little and, while you’re at it, don’t forget to send Street your crazy SB texts.

4. Regretting
Face it, toward break’s end, there’re gonna be things you wish you did and didn’t do. Think about thinking about being productive and take time to Facebook prune.

5. Withdrawal
It’s okay to miss Penn and all your cute professors. You’re refreshed and ready. It’s the home stretch till summer, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded. 

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