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UnderTheButton.com is your source for immediate and relevant news, gossip and entertainment at the University of Pennsylvania. The blog grew out of¬†34th Street Magazine, Penn’s weekly arts and culture magazine, which falls under the umbrella of The Daily Pennsylvanian, the independent student newspaper of Penn. Under the Button was launched in September 2008, and we are named for a piece of modern art on the university’s campus. Got questions? Drop us a line at contact@underthebutton.com.

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Blog Staff
Under The Button Editor-in-Chief:
Ben Lerner

Senior Editors:
Daniel Blas
Rachel Zurier

Associate Editors:
Bethany Christy
Jess Marder
Ishmam Ahmed

Weekend Editors:
Charlotte Coran
Rachel Bass

Spring 2014 Contributors:
Lilly Claar
Frida Garza
Elysse Gorney
Lindsey Lansky
Trey Miller
Anosha Minai
Emma Connolly
Meaghan Harding
Matt Kelemen
Nora Lueth
Myles Wolfe

Commenting and Ethics Policy
Under The Button encourages comments, but the editors are not responsible for the content of reader-posted comments. Any comments we feel are inappropriate may be removed. Fake names are fine; falsely using a real person’s name is not and will not be published. In our posts, we strive to be funny and well-informed without being mean. We will try to respect students’ privacy (and Google-ability), but as always, be aware that everything you post on Facebook or scream into your cell phone on Locust Walk is fair game.

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