ContestsApril 10, 2014 at 6:45 pm

UTB Photo Contest: Hashtag Your #Flingstagrams!

flingstanleyAyyyyyy Fling is upon us, people! Whether you’re already intoxicated WITH KNOWLEDGE from your Thursday classes or not, listen up. UTB has thrown together a little scavenger hunt so if you like scavenging and you like hunting, participate in our photo contest. Below is a list of items for you to seek—some things open to interpretation.

❑ Abandoned, toppled solo cup (make it arsty~***)
❑ Scene that embodies “oh no, is that kid okay?”
❑ Wawa line that exceeds 10 people long
❑ Frat president in handcuffs
❑ UTB fling tank (+100 if you come say hi)
❑ Obvious undercover LCA agent
❑ Penn Band fanfare, in Mayfair
❑ Freshman drinking on the down-low, in Lo-Fi
❑ Getting toasted, in Toaster
❑ Person actively and consciously enjoying Qdoba
❑ Vom trail that ends at a toilet
❑ Vom trail that doesn’t end at a toilet
 Somebody flinging a literal, coiled spring
❑ David Guetta doing whatever it is that he does on stage
❑ Scene that best describes “Peace Love and Fling”

Hashtag with


and you’re good to go.

Whoever knocks out the most of these bad boys out by midnight on Monday, April 14th gets a cute li’l write-up in a future post and even better, mad love from everyone here at UTB. So go out, take some shots, and take some shots!

If you’re more of a thousand words rather than a picture guy, send us your texts!

ContestsOctober 29, 2013 at 9:00 pm

UTB Costume Contest

debbiereynoldsH2Send photos of your costumes to if you want to be Halloween-famous. Some day next week, we’ll post the best costumes. That night, UTB After Dark will post the most heinous and outrageous costumes, so prepare ye. Photos of yourself, your friends, and Penn students you don’t know are all fair game.

Magic is really very simple. All you’ve got to do is want something, and then let yourself have it.

ContestsApril 19, 2013 at 11:09 am

Ditch Power Hour For Happy Hours

Morning-Happy-Hour23Nothing gets us wasted buzzed psyched more than a great happy hour deal! After plenty of research, we have struck gold. Let’s face it, we’re all desperate to save our dolla dolla billz and, as per usual, UTB has answered your prayers. Here are the 6 winners!

1. Harvest Seasonal Grill
Despite public misconception, Harvest reigns supreme in this contest. For all of you who think this eatery and bar is out of your price range…false. What IS true is that your $ will get you food that actually tastes good (gasp!). Besides having 41 affordable, low-cal meal options (swimsuit season!) their drink deals will put your money where you want it…in your pocket, duh.

Happy hour 4-6 every glorious day: $3 Draft Beers, $4 House Wines By the Glass, $5 Select Specialty Cocktails

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ContestsSeptember 18, 2012 at 12:27 pm

A Pitch Perfect Wednesday

If your Wednesday night is bare (looking at you, Skulls), go no further than SPEC Film to hook you up.  They’re hosting a free screening of Pitch Perfect tomorrow, and you, lucky UTB reader, can win a reserved seat.  For the first five to comment on this post, SPEC will rope off reserved seats for you and a friend.

Our impression after watching the trailer is that this is going to be some cross between Glee, Mean Girls, and possibly hopefully Stomp the Yard.  Penn alum Elizabeth Banks co-produced the movie with her husband (They met at Penn!  Dreams do come true!) and makes an appearance in the film.  And Penn’s own Dischord will be performing a little ditty before the premiere.  If you don’t get a reserved seat through our contest, you can print out your own ticket here, but get thee to the Rave early to secure a seat!

Update:  We have 5 winners!  Better luck next time, chumps.

ContestsApril 18, 2012 at 9:08 am

Spring Fling Photo Contest: And The Winner Is…

Spring Fling, that wino temptress from Brigadoon, descended upon our campus last weekend, and even if you don’t remember what happened, we definitely do. In our first-ever Spring Fling photo contest, we received tons of flingy-flangy pics that ran the gamut of Fling activities. Some were great, others were not so great and some were Instagrammed. (Shame! Instagram is for cheaters!)

We’ve chosen our six favorites, but only one winner will receive the prize- a special-edition silkscreened Spring Fling poster from SPEC!  Click here for the results:

ContestsApril 12, 2012 at 9:18 am

Let’s Take Some Shots: Send Us Your Best Spring Fling Photos!

Spring Fling is here! Spring Fling is here! (Did you hear? It’s here!) Although the next few days are going to be somewhat blurry, we want to help you remember (or piece together) the best of what went down during Fling 2k12.

Here’s the deal: Send us your best Spring Fling photos by midnight on Monday, April 16th, and we’ll post our favorites next week. The winner will be crowned with a the title of Fling King or Queen and will be lavished with the gifts of hugs, kisses and a 100% fancy, special edition Spring Fling silkscreened poster, courtesy of SPEC. Got it? Good! On to the shots!

ContestsApril 2, 2012 at 6:46 pm

See American Reunion Tomorrow!

Itching to see a movie?  Hate Sanjay?  SPEC Film’s hosting a free screening of American Reunion tomorrow and you can snag a reserved seat.  It’s the 4th installment of the American Pie series and while we barely remember the original storyline, we are suckers for a good ol’ reunion.

Normal tickets can be picked up on the walk or online, but if queues are beneath you and you crave VIP status, leave a comment below with your email and SPEC will rope off a fancy section just for you (and a friend).  The first 5 people to comment will each get a pair of tickets for the screening tomorrow at 7:30 at the Rave.

Update: We’ve got our 5!  If you still want tickets but didn’t make the cut, pick them up tomorrow on the walk or in Houston 200 and get there early to guarantee an unreserved seat!

ContestsJanuary 18, 2012 at 9:06 am

Trynna Meet Will Shortz?

Yes, that Will Shortz, the famous crossword puzzle editor for the New York Times. Shortz will be visiting Penn on Tuesday, the 24th, from 5:30 to 7 in Irvine as part of Penn’s Year of Games. If you’re a crossword puzzle fanatic, fill out the above puzzle featured in today’s DP (click to enlarge or check out the print version) and send us the answers before midnight. If you’re one of the first five with all the correct responses, you’ll get to meet Shortz at a reception and then get front row tickets for the talk. To the puzzles!

ContestsApril 18, 2011 at 11:29 am

Free Tickets to Bridesmaids

On Wednesday, if you’re not too busy tumbling or being really slutty, there’s a free screening of the new movie “Bridesmaids” at the Rave from 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Want reserved seats for you and a friend? Be one of the first five people to comment on this post! Please comment under your real e-mail address (we have our doubts, or we won’t be able to contact you.

Update: And we’ve got our five! Missed out on the reserved seats? Don’t worry, you can sit with the regular people for free by printing out tickets here or by picking some up in 200 Houston Hall.

ContestsApril 12, 2011 at 3:58 pm

Fling Photo Contests: UTB And DP Style

Do you like competitions but are not very good at doing things? Do you take pictures that aren’t great but are hilarious? No worries. Send us your memorable/scandalous/sloppy Fling photos and we’ll post them! (We’ll ensure confidentiality by covering up any identifying details.) No need for actual camera images: iPhones, Blackberries and toy cameras all work fine! The pics that we put up will be entered into a highly prestigious caption contest. Best caption for each photo will win something great!

What? Does our caption contest not titillate you? If you’re actually talented with a camera, or whatever, the DP wants to reward you for your observant eye! Just Tweet your Fling photo at the DP or post it on their Facebook wall. If your pic is chosen as the winner, you get a screen-printed Fling concert poster and an old Fling T-shirt that someone left behind! (It’s vintage, okay?)