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Does love exist at Penn? Can you fall in love here? Do the Sex & Human Nature professors enjoy talking about coitus as much as they do? The point is: take this survey and you'll know the answer in next week's issue of Street. The best part: you can send an anonymous romance (or h8)-related message to anyone. 
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Pumped For Fling?– If not, you will be after listening to this week's playlist. Passion Pit and Tiësto obviously, but also some other gems like Sun Airway and Dâm Funk! (No Kelly Clarkson. Sorry.)
Playlist Of The Week– Snoop! Chairlift! Gotye! Unst unst unst. You know you want to. Street Music besos.
Playlist Of The Week– Grimes! Dominant Legs! Vampire Weekend? VAMPIRE WEEKEND! It's 70 degrees and sunny inside your ears with Music's pLaYlIsT oF tHe WeEk!
Street Music Cares About Your Ears– Check out Street's latest, sexy weekly playlist, featuring some of our favorite audio highs: the National, Tyga, Grimes, Daughter, Sleigh Bells (!) and MORE SLEIGH BELLS.
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Street's Got Your V-Day Music Covered– Love love? Hate love? Either way, check out Street's two neato playlists for the year's biggest Hallmark holiday. And if you're feeling a bit Penn-centric, try this one out. Muchos besos!