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Best Of Penn 2014

b9i05wAfter voting for Penn Madness and the Penn madness of voting have got you all riled up, we have a new fantastic opportunity for you voice your extremely strong opinions about the things you really care about: food, alcohol, outlets and waxing.

Working together to bring you the lists to beat all lists, the DP and 34th Street have compiled your favorite things about Penn’s campus. Almost more fun than picking your favorites might be picking who is going to publish what. (Can the DP write about masturbation?) These polls are not your typical SurveyMonkey marketing listerserv spam, and we guarantee the competition will be almost as fierce, and perhaps slightly more realistic, than Frat Privacy Settings vs Abnormal School Closures. Voting is open here until April 6th and be sure to check out UTB for some flash polls to spice up you day.

Quick! Vote now for Tuesday’s Flash Poll, Best Place to Get Down.

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People Who Went To Penn: Elizabeth L Silver

9780385347433Looking for a good book to cram in before your reading list becomes more text books than page turners? Look no further than this Penn grad’s debut novel, The Execution of Noa P Singleton.

Like Elizabeth Silver (C’01), the book’s title character went to Penn! However unlike Silver, and most Penn students, Noa Singleton happened to drop out and wind up on death row. Some might say she got her degree…in murder! (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) Most relevant to us, Silver included numerous shoutouts to life on Penn’s campus, even VP gets a mention!

After graduating from Penn, Silver did everything from teaching English in Costa Rica to working for publisher in NYC, before becoming a criminal lawyer. Like a true overachieving Penn student, Silver combined her varied interests to create one of the summer’s hottest novels. Check out her interview with 34th Street to learn more about one of Penn’s newest famous alumni.

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STREET Presents So Many Wonderful Things About Fling!

Hoorah! The world is flung! But we at Street still have some weekly words we’d like to share with you. Like how to win FLINGO (like BINGO, duhhhh!).

We’ve also got some dos and don’ts of Fling. Remember, punching an R.A. is never the right idea. So we’ve also provided some tips on how to infuse your food with special liquid. Yum.

As usual, Music gives you the lowdown on what’s going on with these dudes performing tomorrow night. Arts takes you deep inside the depths of bathroom stall art. Let’s face it — we’ll all end up face first in a bathroom at some point this weekend.

For those looking for a 90–minute getaway from the Quad, check out Film’s drunk/ high/ sober film selections. Still want more flingin’ flangin’ fun? Check out or SPEC–tacular egos of the week.

Don’t forget to take out the Guide to Fling! (You can also find online on your phone at It may come in handy when you’re stumbling around trying to find your crush’s band on a random stage at 1:53 p.m. on Saturday.

Listings Looking for something to do in the beautiful weather? Check out our listings for the weekend here.
Visual Effects — Haven't seen the back page of Street yet? Fear not. Check out visual representations of Best of Penn from David Comberg's FNAR 337 class here.
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STREET Presents The Best Of Penn 2011

The time has come to release the winners (and obvious losers) of Street‘s annual Best of Penn! Some were obvious, some were sneaky deaky winners but our gold medalists are certainly deserving.

Our other sections bring their own bests to the table as well (best Ego of the Week photos for sure). Food & Drink shows us how to have the absolute best time in Reading Terminal market while Film takes us through the best views of Philly’s Cinefest.

Highbrow plots the year in best Gutter victims while Music debriefs about the likes of Ke$ha and RJD2 (hint: we hate Rebecca Black). And Arts takes us for a spin with the best of… er… Japan. Just trust us on this one.

Think we’re so cheery and positive all the time? Psh. We’ve got you cynics covered with Lowbrow’s annual Worst of Penn.

Wi–Fidelity — In case you missed last week's Back Page, find out what block makes the most dick jokes from their wireless network names.
Playlist of the Week — In this week's playlist of the week, Street brings you something precious (You and Me by Penny & the Quarters), something magical (Fireworks by Hoof & the Heel) and something disco (check it out yourself, silly).