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People Who Went To Penn: William S. Paley

Do you enjoy watching NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, or 60 Minutes? These shows all owe their existence to William S. Paley, the founder of CBS.

This ’22 Wharton grad transformed a small collection of unsuccessful radio stations into one of the most powerful radio and television networks in America. Looks like he learned something in MGMT100.  Paley built up the entertainment and news divisions of CBS using his uncanny ability to predict the popularity of various programs and his recognition of the importance of advertising.

In addition to changing the face of broadcasting, Paley was listed as one of Cosmopolitan‘s top ten most eligible bachelors at the age of 84. Not bad for an octogenarian.

Listen to this -- You can't not have kind of a crush on Penn alum Elizabeth Banks. You ain't foolin' no one. So listen to this podcast where she tells us her life story and which Penn frats she thinks are douchey (hint: around 40:00)!
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People Who Went To Penn: Nnamdi Azikiwe

In 1963, Nnamdi “Zik” Azikiwe joined the ranks of Penn alums serving as countries’ leading men when he became the very first president of Nigeria after the nation declared its independence from the Brits.

Azikiwe graduated from Penn in 1933 with master’s degrees in PoliSci and Anthro, and then headed back home to apply them. In Nigeria, he got involved in the nationalist movement through his career as a journalist, editor and founder of multiple newspapers. One thing led to another, and Editor-in-Chief gradually became Executive Chief. You know how it is.

Although his presidency was cut short by a coup in 1966, Azikiwe remained active in politics and was awarded an honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, from the University in 1980 (pictured above). He is survived by the many places in Nigeria still bearing his name and the 500 naira bill which features his smile.

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People Who Went To Penn: Hannah August

When she’s not following FATJEW on Twitter (no, but really), Hannah August is the Press Secretary for the First Lady of the US of A, Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama.

Before her official coronation this past May, August did time as a press secretary for the Department of Justice and served as one of the Regional Communications Directors at the White House since 2010.

This 2005 College grad who majored in International Relations reminds us all that in these tough OCR times, it is in fact possible to apply your degree to a relevant field. But for everything else, there’s “summer analyst” at UBS.

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Wharton “Visionaries”

Warby Parker. On the surface, it’s just an online eyewear company specializing in the hipster-gone-mainstream frames trend. But then you’re like, “Wait, whoa. 95 bucks a pop? With prescription lenses included? What’s the catch?”

The catch is that there is no catch at all. In fact, there’s more. Warby Parker, founded by four Wharton grads, not only cuts out the middle man and sells eyewear on the cheap, but they’ve also got a philanthropy BOGO deal: buy one pair, give one free pair to someone who can’t afford ‘em.

These folks were most recently featured on Entrepreneur, but they’ve been covered on all sides by publications like Vogue, GQ and the New York Times. Truth be told, if we weren’t so proud, we’d probably concede that Warby Parker is kinda, well, old news.
Check out founder Neil Blumenthal’s lecture at last year’s TEDxPenn after the jump.

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Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist

The countdown to the sluttiest (best) holiday of the year continues with a delicious Halloween treat from a ghost (spooky!) of UTB past. Check out former ed Carlin Adelson (C ’09) and her comedy troupe The Charlies battle the undead in this short featured on Funny or Die. They’re so good they managed to be funny…and die.

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People Who Went To Penn: Vikram Chatwal

Vikram Chatwal was born in Ethiopia to Indian Sikh parents who moved to Montreal and then finally settled in New York. In other words, during his stint at Wharton, Chatwal was just one operation short of a Tabard bid.

The hotelier, most known these days for making headlines with alleged girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, has been formerly linked to models Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen, and has been known to hang around P. Diddy Combs Puff, Naomi Campbell and President Bill Clinton. No big.

In a recent New York Times feature, Chatwal maintains that his partying days are over, but unless he’s dating Lohan’s British-accented identical twin, we’re not buying it. Aside from his line of hotels, Chatwal’s notable achievements have included being the first Sikh model to grace the cover of Vogue, a minor role in Zoolander, a 10-day, 3-city wedding to now-separated wife Priya Sachdev, and two trips to rehab.

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Penn Alum Spends A Weekend At Bernie’s

Stock-broker, Ponzi-schemer and current jailbird Bernie Madoff had a bunch of his personal assets (crap) sold at an auction this past weekend in Miami, and a Penn alum was lucky (?) enough to claim some as her own.

Yep, Tatiana Peisach (’11) and her fiancé Fred Morgenstern bought Bernie’s golf clubs and few of his lamps. They even made a website for it, detailing the purchase and its lot on eBay. Touted as a “witness to the over one billion dollars [Madoff] collected while playing at the Palm Beach Country Club,” the golf clubs (and the sunblock that comes with them!) will surely be snatched up by someone.

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Rugby Ralph Lauren + Poetry Contest = Hey, Josh Bennett

A few questions. One: why is Rugby Ralph Lauren having a poetry contest? Two: does Ralph Lauren, Rugby, or the combination thereof have ANYTHING to do with poetry? Three: how does 2010 alum Josh Bennett look so fly in his glam shot as a Rugby Ralph Lauren featured poet? Wait, we know the answer to that one. It’s because he is so fly.

Check out his poem “Chariot” after the jump, and continue to ponder what on earth is going on here.

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