FeaturesDecember 8, 2011 at 3:06 pm

UTB Presents: Your Guide To The Spring 2012 Semester

[Disclaimer: Papyrus is such a joke. So is this post.] Have you ever looked at how many classes are offered at Penn each semester? A buttload! One whole buttload. And it’s overwhelming! If you’re like us and haven’t finalized your classes for next semester (or haven’t picked out any at all)– or even if you have– let UTB direct you to the raddest courses offered in upcoming spring term.

LING444: Abnowmal Speech Pattewns
Instructor: Rebecca Stein
Description: Faw hundweds of yeaws, humans have noticed stwange and bizawwe speech pattewns in theiw neighbows. Accents awe not mewely choices but symptoms of the fwagile psychological constwucts of the wespective enviwoment, as this lectuwe aims to show. Also: Pwofits.

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