Penn Med School Receives $16 Million Anonymous Donation– As The DP reports, the gift is the single largest gift towards neuroscience research. Neat!
NewsMarch 28, 2011 at 3:23 pm

Shhh, It’s a Secret

Ever wanted to admit that you’re one of the thieves who steals their meals during Houston’s lunch rush? Or that you cheated on your BIOL 101 test so you’d get into med school? Maybe you have the tendency to stay on the treadmill for a couple of extra minutes just to piss off the glaring skinny biatch at the gym.

Here’s your chance to let it all out. From March 21st to April 10th, the Penn chapter of Active Minds will be distributing postcards to Penn students, faculty and staff so that we can submit our own anonymous secrets to be displayed… somewhere on campus. The location’s apparently a PennSecret. Any and all secrets fit the mold, so start spillin’.

Need some inspiration? Check out Frank Warren’s original Post Secret project here.

NewsNovember 26, 2010 at 5:21 pm

A New Way To Creep…A Little

Like a Little” is Craigslist Missed Connections + (Shoutouts/CollegeACB) – negativity x  GoodCrush. You anonymously write to someone that’s caught your eye, using as much or as little detail as you deem “anonymously flirty.” LAL is still pretty new, so could everyone please start using it? We’d love to see more gems like this:

At South 36th: Female, Black hair. You seem to be of some sort of exotic south asian descent. I am yearning for those big brown eyes to connect with mine, and for those flawless lips to someday caress mine. Although it looks like you have gone days without showering, you still remain the most stunning girl in all of this land called penn.