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ShutterButton: Meet Our New Li’l Baby Contribz

new contribz

Ahem, introducing UTB’s five shiny new contributors! Here they are, shivering in front the all-seeing Button last night, just after getting a blindfolded tour of our beautiful campus and just before getting initiated into the Upsilon Tau Beta bloggerhood. Don’t worry, things never got as hazy as that uggo pollution plume in front of the Love statue. Here’s to bringing you more hilarity and hijinks on the daily.

First Friday is tonight! Take a study break and go see the art showcased, for free, citywide. Or go for the wine; we won't tell.
Filly FridayApril 5, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Filly Friday

Image c/o Britt Miller at

Image c/o Britt Miller at

Good lord, it is a beautiful day! Spring in Philadelphia means festivals, baseball, water ice and a quick and terrifying change in temperature and humidity. Ahh, humidity. Smell it in the air.

Friday: It’s the First Friday of the month, meaning free art gallery openings all over town (with free wine.) Get thee to Old City!

Saturday: Le Viet, a South Philly pho joint, is turning 3 years old. This Saturday, for the low low price of $3.33, you can score a delicious steamy bowl of Pho to celebrate from 11 AM to 3 PM.

And if you’re suuuuper into South Asian celebrations after you’re done with Holi, head over to Drexel’s main auditorium, where the Raga Samay Festival will be putting on 24 hours of North Indian music.

Sunday: If you are really fast at shucking oysters and love aphrodisiacs, you should try your hand at this shucking contest.

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ShutterButton: Fifty Shades of Pompeii

Click the image to get that gosh darn Quaker out of the way. Go ahead, no one’s watching.

Valentine’s is tomorrow, kids. You still dateless? All alone and not gettin’ the bone? (Sorry.) Fifty Shades of Grey just not doin’ it for ya? Well maybe this’ll cheer you up. Yesterday, the Penn Museum featured Fifty Shades of Pompeii (their title, not ours) and let’s just say Vesuvius wasn’t the only thing erupting in 69 79 C.E. Young Friends of the Penn Museum presented a collection of erotic artwork that was excavated from Pompeii’s ruins in the 1700s. Apparently Pompeiians were super into that stuff—Wiki says there was even phallic worship going on. Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

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The Addams Family Gets a Makeover

Peep this – new installation on the Addams Family silhouettes right outside Addams Hall, courtesy of design student Daniel Oliva. Here’s the before pic. Lookin’ good, Addamses.

34th Street MagazineJune 21, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Summer Street Presents: 9 Ways To Tri It

Jeez, it’s hot out! We think you should stay indoors– those pit stains don’t match your pants.

Yesterday, we tried getting out of bed. We couldn’t. We wrote Summer Street instead.

Monday brought Playlist of the Week (workout style). Today, Street shows you how to swim, bike and run in Philadelphia like you’re the iron man himself. Pick it up on stands.

You couldn’t think that’s all! We’ve also got a review of the PMA’s Visions of Arcadia exhibit (it’s, like, so rapturous — which is a word from the thesaurus), a Street Burger Shakedown between Bobby’s and Shake Shack, and oh so much more.

Oh yeah. Write for us. We’ve got the A/C, because Street loves you.

NewsMay 24, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Brushstrokes Of Genius

Neuroscience and the fine arts, together at last. It seems like a match made in Opposite Backwards Mirror Land, but Penn PhD candidate Greg Dunn has managed to pair the two quite harmoniously.

In an interview and slideshow featured on The Huffington Post yesterday, Dunn discussed his paintings, which utilize Japanese minimalist painting techniques to illustrate the structure of human neurons. (Seriously, go click that link. These are really cool.) Dunn explains that the aesthetically simple painting style, with its sharp contrast and negative space, is an evocative medium for conveying the complexity–and beauty–of the human mind. Indeed, Dunn’s paintings seem like the rare illustration appropriate for both a biology textbook and a gallery wall.

Kudos to this ingenue for his creativity. Just think what other awesome medicine-art partnerships we have to look forward to! Interpretive dances illustrating the respiratory system? Sculptures made of squished-up organs? A First Friday event at HUP with free glucose bags for all? We can only imaaaagine.

What's HapPENNingApril 9, 2012 at 9:03 am

What’s HapPENNing?

You wanna know what’s hapPENNing? Spring Fling is happening. That’s it. Boom.

(Just kidding. The world doesn’t stop entirely for Fling! Read on for other cool events this week.)

Red Giants and Fat Panther at Smoke’s
Who: Red Giants and Fat Panther
When and where: Tonight, 10:30; Smoke’s
Why: Well, it certainly is an excuse to start Fling on a Monday. Not that you need one.

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NewsApril 4, 2012 at 2:29 pm

ICA Wednesdays: Killing It As Per Usual

Got any free time tonight? Yeah, of course you do! (Oh, you really don’t? Well, just play along with us. COME ON!) The Institute of Contemporary Art (36th and Sansom) will host two opening receptions for its two stellar– and free– new exhibitions, The Happy Show and First Among Equals, from 6-8 tonight.

The Happy Show is a showcase of the work of graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister as he explores the concept of happiness. We’re happily unhappy people, so we’ll probably skip it, but you should check it out! You’ve probably seen Sagmeister’s artwork on the albums of Lou Reed, the Rolling Stones and OK Go. So that’s neat. And if you fancy yourself très artsy, go on a look-see of First Among Equals, which talks about contemporary artists in the age of obsessive social connection.

NewsMarch 27, 2012 at 3:03 pm

The Director Of MoMA Is Coming To Penn Today!

 Props to SPEC Art Gallery for bringing in Glenn Lowry, the director the Museum of Modern Art in New York! Lowry, who’s been the head of MoMA since 1995, will be speaking tonight at 7 in the Terrace Room in Cohen. For those even vaguely interested in art, art history or MoMA, this is (duh) a huge deal. Like, huge, huge deal. Tickets are nearly sold out at this point, but if you’re lucky you may still be able to snag one online for $5.

Lowry will be speaking on the topic of art and leadership before moving into a question-and-answer session for about 45 minutes. Head on over later! It’ll be super neat. In the meantime, check out the poster at right. SPEC Art Gallery is killin’ it.