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Douglas Offers The Dirty Mind Special

If you don’t get it, we’re not going to tell you.

CampusApril 10, 2010 at 10:39 am

Wharton Videos Make Us Uncomfortable

We can’t tell if we have second-hand embarrassment or if we actually find this video funny, especially because we don’t get half the jokes. Likes: the hair flowing in the fan-generated wind. Dislikes: the physical representation of what’s happening in these people’s pants. Leave some to the imagination, please.

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“Obnoxious Penn Students” Wouldn’t Ride SEPTA Anyway

We’re okay with the fact that Penn and Philly have an awkward relationship, a town-gown strain, if you will. This weekend, however, some Philly area pranksters decided to air these grievances in public by posting fake notices on SEPTA trains on the Market-Frankford Line.

Penn students join “drug addicts,” “schizophrenics,” “hipsters,” “raging maniacs,” and “drunk rich kids who still think Old City is cool” among those attacked for riding SEPTA in the fake signs. Last time we checked, Penn students were all of the above, so basically, someone hates us.

The Associated Press has the full-text of the signs. Tell us what you think in the comments, you “obnoxious Penn student.”

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These Families = More Awkward Than Yours

Graduation weekend is a weird time, a weekend during which two totally separate worlds collide. There is the world of college and all that entails: your frat brothers, your girlie housemates, those guys and girls whose names you can’t remember (“Oh hey… you!”) . Then there is the world of your family, one of sibling rivalries, crazy grandmas and occasionally embarrassing parents. When these worlds meet on Locust Walk, awkwardness ensues. Along with the inherent awkward that arises when, say, your dad bumps into your one night stand outside ABP, there is the awkward  that is captured in a glorious 3×5, forever to be on display in your parents’ house: the family photo. UTB is here to remind you that, no matter how awkward you think your family is this weekend (and you will feel very, very awkward) there are families out there who are Way More Awkward. Who have awkward oozing out their pores. The lovely folks over at have compiled all these hilarious faces for your enjoyment, like in the awesome picture below!

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Lessons In Leadership And Chapter 11

An e-mail announcing that Philadelphia Media Holdings CEO Brian Tierney will be speaking on campus this Friday just landed in our inbox.  This is, uh, kind of inauspicious timing considering that he filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely pulling for the Inky and the Daily News — this just reminds us of the time MTV asked Britney Spears (still very much in her hot mess stage) to perform at the VMA’s in that it doesn’t really seem like the best idea at this particular moment.

Oh well, it still might be a learning experience for everyone involved.  Check out the announcement from the Fox Leadership Program: Read the rest of this entry »

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Got An STD? Nothing Says Chlamydia Like Emoticons

It’s the perfect couple: Evite, meet sexual education. It’s about time you two got acquainted. Their offspring? Why,, a site that lets you send cute cards to your partners to inform of them of your STD status. One user favorite reads: “It’s not what you brought to the party. It’s what you left with. I left with an STD. You might have, too.”

Did we mention the cards come in hot pink and neon options? If that’s too Erica Jong-esque for you, try a simple yet effective: “Sometime’s there’s no rhyme or reason. I got diagnosed with STDs since we played.”

We’re sure they’ll get the message. And to prove they’re not just the bearers of admittedly-bad news, the cards provide locations of where to get checked, including a clickable map of Philadelphia.

Being a good samaritan just got a whole lot easier.