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The End is Nigher Than Ever!

Oh no! Mere days after the Penn Museum covered Locust in clever signage assuring us that Tis Not The End, a cryptic chalk message on the sidewalk outside Pottruck has a different opinion on the matter. is beautifully designed website featuring sermons addressing the upcoming apocalypse (less than four weeks away!). It’s even based on a prophecy that correctly predicted Dubya and Obama as presidents! Snaps for the College Green preacher for expanding his influence to Walnut Street.

BREAKING: Any Issues Voting Today?– Both the DP and Penn Democrats have reported that "students are showing up to the polls with their voter registration card, not showing up on the voter rolls, and being turned away." Sources say that voters in Houston and Vance Halls seem to be experiencing the worst of it. Penn Dems recommends staying in line to vote (even if past 8) and filling out the provisional ballot if necessary. Call the voter hotline at (855) 834-VOTE for more information. If you're still in line, at 6:00 PM free pizza will be on-site at the Houston Hall and 3609 Chestnut polling locations for those waiting -- and there will be DJs there to boot. [Ed. note: Some content has been edited to update incorrect information.]
Missing Bill Clinton's words of wisdom? Oh no! Is Bill going to sway young minds to vote for Obama while you sit pointlessly in recitation? Did he come to Penn hoping to find his next nice, Jewish intern? We don't know, but we hope you stay tuned via our live-tweet feed to find out!
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Amy Wines And Dines With Barack, Clooney And Others

Oh, Madame President. Your alluring blonde image has just gotten even more elite. The Washington Post confirms A-Gutt is truly a celebrity beyond Penn’s campus, as she and Columbia professor/hubby Michael Doyle (listed as “Michael Gutmann” by WaPo…)  made the guest list for last night’s British State Dinner at the White House.

Barack and Michelle (in a stunning, off-the-shoulder Marchesa gown) hosted Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, along with A-list attendees like Amy’s BFF Joe Biden, George Clooney (sans Stacy Keibler), Warren Buffett, Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton (sans Bill), John Kerry, Carey Mulligan and Anna Wintour! Celebrity status, for sure.

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Barack’s Sticking With Amy

Obama has a lot of decisions to make before the big election in November. But rest assured, he has made the right choice in one of the most crucial presidential decisions to date. The Prez has reappointed our Prez, the one and only Amy Gutmann, as chair of the Presidential Commission on Bioethical Issues. What a great prezent! Amy G. has productively served in this role since being appointed by Obama in 2009. While some have questioned whether she’s fit for it , it’s clear Barack knows best. Mazel tov, A-Gut!

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Who Will Be Obama’s Super-Secret Guests?

If you’re on any listserv touched by PennDems, chances are you’ve heard about the Obama Student Summit, some kind of official kickoff to courting the the youth vote. Sounds pretty cool if you’re into that kind of thing. But, even if you’re not, those wily PennDems hope you might buy into a little mystery and intrigue; materials they’ve sent out say we can look forward to “‘special guests’ (wink wink)!”

Mayor Nutter and Obama campaign manager Jim Messina are already confirmed attendees, but we’ve heard a few rumors about who the others might be. One name that’s been floated is Nick Cannon, known Obama devotee. We’ve also heard it could be Alicia Keys, someone who’s never been afraid to lend a hand to the campaign. Do you think either of them will show? Or perhaps… someone else?

Who will it be?

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Commission For The Study Of Bioethical Issues, Assemble!

Unrelated, yet true (I think)

Unrelated, yet true (I think)

This past Thursday, scientists from the J. Craig Venter Institute announced that they’d engineered a self-replicating bacterial cell using “off the shelf” chemicals and entirely synthetic ingredients. In the words of the Washington Post, they “creat[ed] life from scratch.” Zounds!

On its face, this seems pretty exciting (science! wow!), but it apparently poses a few ethical concerns – skeptics say that this new process presents new opportunities for a super-potent new set of biological weapons. Even though many have already written off the potential for a major threat, this crappy, mean use could possibly weigh out the associated benefits of, say, providing manufactured bacteria to “digest pollutants or produce fuels.” But where’s the Penn connection? Find out after the jump.

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Masala Goes To The White House

Obama loves Penn performing artists. (Remember the Poetry Slam?) Last night Penn Masala performed at the White Houses’s Diwali celebration. Former stoner/Penn prof Kal Penn provided the hookup, and the group performed two songs for the prez and his guests.

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Obama <3s Philly

First he has Josh Bennett perform at the White House, then he taps Jon Huntsman for an ambassador post, and then he hosts the Phillies in DC! Check out highlights from Friday’s visit (or see the whole thing here):

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Things That Are Cool: White House Edition

The Excelano Project kids are cooler than you are. We’ve loved on them before, and we’re going to do it again. Because the EP’s own Josh Bennett performed at the White House yesterday. For Barack Obama, the coolest president…ever. Alongside James Earl Jones, aka DARTH VADER. So yeah, there’s a whole lot of cool factor going on.

We can pretend we discovered Josh, as he was an Ego of the Week back in October, but we certainly can’t claim responsibility for his performance at the NAACP Image Awards (with fellow EPer and EOTW Ben Alisuag) or his role on HBO’s Brave New Voices.

Word on the street is that he performed “Tamara’s Opus”. The White House is a little slow to upload onto their YouTube channel, so for now we’ll let you guys see his awesome performance of the piece at the Nuyorican Poetry Slam: