CampusDecember 2, 2009 at 4:03 pm

Somebody Buy This Old Football Program

Here at UTB Headquarters, we spend a lot of time figuring out what we should do with our astronomical blogging salaries. So while we were perusing various online auctions for fine silks and exotic palaces (jk, we were reading UniWatch), we found this listing for an 1898 program from our annual football game with Harvard. It ends on the 9th so we should all start looking for spare change under the couch!

That thing just looks so great. A cloth cover? Even better with that art on the front. “Various team photos throughout”? You know how much we love old Penn photos. This is the coolest bit of Penn memorabilia we’ve come across since those foam hats we missed out on.

All of us bloggers are pitching in to buy a cruise ship that also has wheels so we can easily move from water to land when we want snacks and stuff, but can one of you guys buy this and then give it to us this holiday season? It doesn’t even need to be one of you – a bunch of you guys can pitch in and then give us a group gift. Whatever works – ¬†we realize beggars can’t be choosers.