FeaturesJanuary 20, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Your Personal Guide To Restaurant Week

In search of an excuse to stuff your face AND feel like a *star*? Look no further! Center City District Restaurant Week, which runs from January 22nd through February 3rd (with a one day hiatus on January 28th), allows you to pay just $35 for a three-course dinner or $20 for a three-course lunch at over 100 participating Philly restaurants.

While visiting every restaurant in a week is Completely Doable and Not Unrealistic At All, we thought we’d make things easier for you with–what else?–SOME LISTS. Below are all participating restaurants with a Yelp rating of 4+, divided into various categories depending on your personal preferences/lifestyle choices/genetic predisposition to eat delicious food. So, without further ado:

Go here if:

You Want The Be$t Deal$ [Even though you spend the same at every restaurant, these are the places that would otherwise cost you your first-born kitten.]