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04.17issueThis time of year is about being the best. Best in your class, best formal date, best internship, best first warm day outfit. At Street, we always look for the best…so we can share it with you.

This week, we are proud to present this year’s Best of Penn, from the best wax (useful) to the best place to get down, the best use for bursar (it may surprise you) and many more. Share the best part of your day with us on instagram using #bestofpenn and help us make the last few weeks the best they can be.

Do you want more?

Duh, you’re the best of the best. Food and Drink has the best things to eat in Philadelphia, Arts has the best artsy dates for you and your boo. Backpage has  alumni superlatives. Film has the best Penn shoutouts from the small screen. As you craft your finals playlist, check out best and worst lyrics. Ego has an Ego with a lot to say. You’ll want to read this. They also have the worst of Penn, because it’s not all roses. Find your new favorite holiday as Lowbrow combines Passover, Easter and 4/20. The best Round Up always comes after fling.

Come to our final writer’s meeting of the year. It may be the best yet. 6:30 pm @ 4015 Walnut.

Chasing AmyApril 8, 2014 at 2:04 pm

Chasing Amy: Locust Runway

photo (1)

It’s warm out! It’s iced coffee season! You’re not the only one taking advantage of the warm weather. Madame President was spotted strutting down Locust today looking fierce as ever. While simultaneously juggling Quaker Days and parents’ meetings–and just generally running the world–A-Gut looks cool, calm, and collected chatting with a pal as if it’s totally casual for her to walk among us peasants. University Presidents…they’re just like us! Except that she was probably off to somewhere really important, while you were sitting, pretending to work but really trying to beat 2048. It’s okay, because so were we.

34th Street MagazineApril 2, 2014 at 8:58 am

Street Presents: Street Style

Street StyleOh hey didn’t see you there, guess what Street just did? We made a fashion issue.

Our hump day treat for you is a issue packed with relevant and stylish content. We’ll help you dress well on a budget, remind you that black is the new black, and find the best outfits at Piper Boutique or at one of Philadelphia’s best vintage stores.

See a style retrospective of our dear Amy Gutmann’s fashion decisions and get fashion tips for this long awaited season we call spring from your stylish peers. Are they sceney? You bet.

Celebrate our first fashion issue tonight from 5-9 at Piper Boutique. All merchandise is 10% off and there will be a DJ and some live mannequins (aka models). Come hang with us to discuss clothes (or fling tanks and Penn apparel), chest hair, the How I Met Your Mother finale and the coolest glasses to rock in your recitation.



Chasing AmyNovember 19, 2013 at 11:25 am

19 Things We Wish Amy Gutmann Would Say

6927877792_ee1e5d8ea2_mOn November 19th, we take the time reflect on the precious moments we have in the presence of the goddess in the fiery red pantsuit. Sadly, these snippets of conversation are all too fleeting; we just never get to have the conversation we really need want. Here’s what she would say if our wildest dreams came true. We would begin the list with “I Love You,” but we don’t want to be creepy. (All starred items are accompanied by a wink.)

1)   It’s your time to shine.
2)   Jennifer Lawrence is my daughter.
3)   The Spirit of Compromise is all about give and take.*
4)   I was the first person Raven came out to.
5)   Got a professor that needs firing?
6)   Could I get a picture with you? I’ve been wanting one since you arrived.
7)   Go on, feel my hair.*
8)   Let’s Make History tonight.*
9)   All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If U Seek Amy.
10) You have an interview? Feel free to go through my closet.
11) I looked just like you at your age.
12) What do you want your GPA to be?
13) Your tuition is related to my annual Sephora budget. Luckily I don’t wrinkle.*
14) Just endorsed you on LinkedIn.
15) You’re telling me OMG doesn’t stand for Oh My Gutmann?
16) Add me on Snapchat. It’s @queenG.
17) I’m the Fling headliner this year.
18) Be my +1 for my birthday party?
19)  I’m a Samantha.*

Chasing AmyNovember 19, 2013 at 10:13 am

Go On, Chase Amy

a50fdbabf762a9319d49249e0e6bb377In light of someone’s big 6-4, we’d like to take you back to a feature that we so vehemently miss. Did you know Amy Gutmann loves dogs? Capogiro? Basketball? Probably not, considering we’ve not been keeping you up-to-date on our President’s most trivial affairs.

We bet you can count on less than 3 hands how many times you’ve seen our president around campus (excluding Amy-specific events and Capogiro). We need your eyes and ears, but most importantly your smartphone cameras, to be on the lookout for Amy G. so we can bring back Chasing Amy, a feature that sheds light into the life of a likely life-ful woman.


Chasing AmyMay 28, 2013 at 11:59 am

Chasing Amy: China Edition

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 11.26.50 AMWhile even a casual run-in with Amy on Locust can make us swoon, recent Facebook pics and statuses reporting A-Gutt sightings in Hong Kong have got us green with envy. Starstruck Penn students have been bumping into our dear old Prez abroad, and we want to know what color suit she was wearing why.

According to this Penn News article, Amy G traveled to Asia earlier this month to host an alumni event aimed at improving relationships between the University and its international graduates. She also announced plans to open a Penn Wharton China Center in Beijing to connect local entrepreneurs and Penn alumni. So basically, Wharton does run the world.

However, Madame Prez’s trip does stir the pot a little, given the controversial comments regarding China that Joe Biden made at Penn’s commencement ceremony. In fact, a group of Chinese grads were so outraged that they drafted a petition to get Biden to apologize for his remarks.

Despite the tension that may accompany A-Gutt’s trip, we wish her nothing but safe travels. We bet she even wears an eye mask when she sleeps on planes. She’s classy like that.

SPOTTED -- Madame President herself, Amy Gutmann, working out with the masses at Pottruck. Our tipster informs us A-Gut was glowing post-cardio, rocking purple gym pants and a Penn umbrella! We admire Amy G's commitment to calorie-burning before "stuffing her face" at tonight's holiday study break at her estate!
Chasing AmyAugust 26, 2012 at 4:14 pm

Lady Gutmann Demands Gelato

Commoners and barista snobs alike were wowed this afternoon by a surprise visit from Lady Gutmann. You treat yourself, Madame President! Can you even imagine the headache of having to welcome 2,465 fresh sacks of $56,000 meat to Penn? And she pulls it off so gracefully, too! Just look at all that sweet and delicate…

Amy is famous! (Again)-- Call it her book tour or call it the best 50 minutes of your life, but our president, the so-called "busiest person in the city," has been a hot commodity for the scholarly paparazzi lately. Check out last week's interview with Forbes that doesn't disappoint (she referenced our founder), and watch an interview on Philly's ABC channel that lasts nearly an hour. That smile!
Chasing AmyApril 23, 2012 at 10:52 am

When Any Gutmann Will Do

A recent Times Style feature details the– what else?– stylistic and political choices of Jeremy Bernard, the Obama administration’s social planner, as he sets up the White House’s upcoming state dinner. Who’s among those 806 invitees? Oh, is it you, Amy? It is! Except Any Gutmann? Eh, silly typo. We’ll let it slide this time.

Take us as your date, Any! We make great conversation about blogs, Penn, cats and the Interwebs. Or if you don’t want us to talk and just sit there and look pretty, we’re really good at that too.