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Skimmer Fest Scores A-Trak and Penguin Prison

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.46.54 AMThanks to Class Boards, SPEC Jazz & Grooves, A-Trak and Penguin Prison will make their Penn debuts September 21 on the College Green! Two EDM artists at one event? Not surprising. Quakers do love a good bass drop.

Penguin Prison remixes songs from artists like Passion Pit, Imagine Dragons, Lana Del Rey, and Ellie Goulding. He’s just like Girl Talk! (Too soon, SPEC?) You’ve definitely heard A-Trak before– don’t pretend your pre-frosh self didn’t watch this fifty times. Bottom line: his remixes are awesome and he’s done collabs with some pretty famous artists, so get ready to rage on the Green like it’s not the middle of the afternoon.

Skimmer Fest starts at 3pm on September 21. Still not convinced you should go? Check out the artists here and here. Your only other option that day is actually going to the football game, sooo.

Made in America schedule FINALLY released: Put down those books and forget about the beginning of school stress-- Budweiser just released the set times and map for this year's Made in America Festival. Hey, only three days before the actual festival takes place!!! Thanks, Jay-Z!!! (No gratitude towards to the ever-patrolling Liquor Control Board/fun police.)
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Call Your NSO Friends: It’s Time For A Toga Party Reunion

penn museum lawnLooking for that perfect Wednesday after-internship thing to do in Philly this summer? For $5 you can try the Penn Museum.

Why, you ask, would I pay $5 to go to the Penn Museum when I have a PennCard? Because they’re kickin’ out the jams at  “P.M. @ Penn Musuem” — a series of diverse concerts featuring artists and genres from all over the world.

The concerts are held on the lawns in front of the Museum. You know, where you hung out and listened to a cover band when you and your NSO besties were ~tOo cOoL~ for the non-air conditioned Toga Party (d’aww, awkward memories).

Locust FlaikusApril 18, 2013 at 3:16 pm

Locust Flaikus

Locust FlaikusFact of Penn life: if you make eye contact with anyone on Locust, you’re getting a flyer stuffed in your hand. At least you have a good supply of emergency notepads/paper planes/places to throw your gum? Luckily some of us actually read the flyers for you. All we have to say is GET YO EARS AND STOMACHS READY.

                                   International Relations Student Association BYO Crawl

   Meet up at Saxby’s
Coffee then Indian food?
Bad combination.

Counterparts Spring Show: “He Doesn’t Even Go Here!”

Support Counterparts!
Mean Girls references galore
You know you love them. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s Okay Because Harvard Is Pissed About Its Fling Performer, Too

Some Penn students are super stoked that Tyga found time out of his busy schedule of slappin’ hoes and gettin’ faded to make our sweaty frat basement dreams a reality. From the ensuing Facebook group, flyer campaign, and multiple editorials, it’s no secret that others aren’t so stoked.

If you were planning on hitting up the Quad moonbounce and then actually bouncing for another school’s spring concert, don’t hit up your friends at Harvard. Tyga is set to headline their annual Yardfest AKA fake fling AKA nice try but still lame. In light of his violent and objectifying lyrics, the Crimsons are crimson (too easy) with rage and have started their own protests.

The reactions at Harvard are just as mixed. “As if these kids aren’t the same ones drinking to ‘Faded’ every weekend,” one comment notes. No comment?

NewsMarch 31, 2013 at 12:10 pm

Coming Out Today: Jesus, Game Of Thrones, & Spring Fling Headliner!

Happy Easter, merry Passover, and a holy Game of Thrones return to you! The egg hunt is (almost) over, kids. Stick around for the big announcement tonight at 7PM, as tweeted by the sacred SPEC secret-keepers themselves.

NewsOctober 17, 2012 at 4:12 pm

Let Miguel’s Love Adorn You

Stressing about how to manage your social life on Halloweekend right after Fall Break? SPEC-TRUM thinks seeing R&B artist Miguel in concert is a “Sure Thing.” Tickets are now on sale online and on Locust for $15 for their October 26 fall show, featuring Miguel and something called Phony PPL. If you wait, you’ll have to fork over $20 at the Harrison Auditorium (33rd and Spruce), where doors open at 8:30 p.m. Check out the music video for Miguel’s hit single “Adorn” above, complete with a sexy lady sipping from a water fountain, a sexy lady doing gymnastics in a yellow one-piece and a sexy lady wearing fishnets on her face!

Near Penn Park Tomorrow?- WXPN hosts free concerts at noon every Friday at World Café Live, but this weekend, they’re doing things a little differently.  To kick off summer, Rufus Wainwright and a host of other artists are playing a free concert at Penn Park on Saturday.   Can we get a "Hallelujah"?
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ShutterButton: They’re Just Ordinary People

John Legend took some time out of busy schedule to chat up with some old friends at his alma mater this morning. Check out this C’99 alum hanging out with Ben– so photogenic! We’re hearing reports that Franklin provided the requisite beatbox for Legend’s a cappella dubstep version of “Ordinary People.” Quaint! We can’t wait to hear it ourselves at the concert tonight.

What's HapPENNingApril 11, 2012 at 7:14 pm

Your Handy Dandy Fling Guide

Ah, the last few hours of class have finally wrapped up, which means you’re anxious for Fling to begin! Below, UTB provides you with a breakdown of this weekend’s activities. This is obviously by no means a complete list, but rather a sampling of what Fling has to offer. (In other words, we’re not tryna rain on anyone’s unregistered parade.)

Shall we? Yes, please! >>>>