Chasing AmyApril 5, 2012 at 5:36 pm

Chasing Amy: She’s Got Style, She’s Got Grace

Look at Amy Gutmann, Madame la Présidente, straight stompin’ with some dudes and Scottish drummers down Locust! This Urban Outfitters catalogue moment was probably brought to you by Sonia Sotomayor’s visit to campus earlier today, and we’re really digging it. Gutmann is rocking an academic regalia potato sack by Proenza Schouler, Ph.D. kitten heels by Thierry Mugler, aviators by Ray-Ban and a presidential dinner plate chain by Flavor Flav.

What a style icon! Every week is Fashion Week for Penn’s eternal “It Girl.”

The Honorable Sonia Sotomayor Is On Campus Right Now– Yup, the Supreme Court Justice is chit-chatting with Amy Gutmann and some other important friends in Irvine and bringing honor to us all as part of the official opening ceremony for Golkin Hall of Penn Law. The ribbon-cutting is at 5, so there's still time to see what all the fuss is about!
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Feeling Artsy-Fartsy?

Are you an artist? Do you want to be? After all, there’s something pretty sexy about being able to say, “This one time, at my art show…,” right? (Right? We’re not crazy, right!?) Well, you’re in luck– Penn’s Art Club is doing their annual student art show thing, and they’re currently accepting submissions for the exhibition that’ll run from March 16 through the 30th at the Fox Art Gallery in Cohen Hall.

If you want to get involved, send the Art Club an email before the 28th with some personal details and a photo and description of your work. And remember: if you call it art, it’s ART.

NewsFebruary 14, 2012 at 2:57 pm

Penn Students Become ART

The Institute of Contemporary Art, that purveyor of all things cool, is presenting a week-and-a-half long exhibition entitled An exhibition to hear read, as organized by curator Mathieu Copeland and superstar Penn professor Kenneth Goldsmith. Neat thing is, Goldsmith will be featuring students from his art and culture contemporary writing seminar in the ongoing show. The nine students-cum-artists will be reading continuously from a selection of rad art texts until the close of the show on the 19th. Stop by and see them in action! It’s pretty snazzy.

Wanna learn more about the project? Hear organizers Copeland and Goldsmith talk about the work this Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Kelly Writers House, because ART.

NewsFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:44 am

Check Out Von Heyl At The ICA Later

Been to the ICA recently? They always have tons of neato events with artists, spooky-good speakers and free coffee. Tonight, the museum on 36th and Sansom is bringing in superstar German-born artist Charline von Heyl, whose large canvases are currently on display on the ICA’s ground floor.

“ART IS COOL!” you scream. “I’M SO EXCITED I WANNA PUNCH SOMETHING!” We know, we know, we do too! The von Heyl talk starts at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium across from the front entrance. Rad, right? We’ll see you there.

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In Material: Fiber 2012 Has Opened In The Arthur Ross Gallery

Yesterday, the Arthur Ross Gallery, located immediately within the entrance to Fisher Fine Arts, opened its newest exhibition, In Material: Fiber 2012. The space is now host to a really stunning collection of objects made up of various fibers: hand-stitched paper, textiles and– yes– human hair. In fact, the wreath you are now looking at (courtesy of the gallery) is made entirely from dreadlocks. Our Brazilian Blowouts definitely can’t do that.

Got some free time this weekend? Check it out! It’s so close that you don’t have an excuse not to.

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Penn Alum Travels World So You Don’t Have To

Since you’re probably sitting at your house becoming a World Wide Web explorer, here’s a video to get you good and jealous. Ex-financial strategist and current photographer Kien Lam, a College Wharton alum who graduated in 2005, backpacked around the world for a year and compiled his pictures into the ultimate “miss u lotz but i’m in egypt” postcard. Enjoy the classical music and Locust Walk action at 3:05.

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Things That Are Cool: White House Edition

The Excelano Project kids are cooler than you are. We’ve loved on them before, and we’re going to do it again. Because the EP’s own Josh Bennett performed at the White House yesterday. For Barack Obama, the coolest president…ever. Alongside James Earl Jones, aka DARTH VADER. So yeah, there’s a whole lot of cool factor going on.

We can pretend we discovered Josh, as he was an Ego of the Week back in October, but we certainly can’t claim responsibility for his performance at the NAACP Image Awards (with fellow EPer and EOTW Ben Alisuag) or his role on HBO’s Brave New Voices.

Word on the street is that he performed “Tamara’s Opus”. The White House is a little slow to upload onto their YouTube channel, so for now we’ll let you guys see his awesome performance of the piece at the Nuyorican Poetry Slam:

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If Polly Pocket Went To Penn

Our favorite meme of the past few weeks (narrowly beating out Paste Magazine’s Obamicon generator) is this little doodad that allows you to make all your photos look like scale models.  It’s called a tiltshift maker, and while we have no idea why blurring half an image tricks our brain into believing it’s been miniaturized, whatever, ’cause it’s SO COOL.  Check out some of our handiwork, with more after the jump.

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