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Flyer of the Week: PENNaach Presents “Inception”


Our pick for flyer of the week goes to the graceful women of Penn’s only all-female South Asian fusion dance troupe. PENNaach’s fall show “Inception: It’s Naach Just A Dream” is sure to be a good time as they shake their way through different dimensions, spin like Leo’s top and twerk into your dreams. Honestly, look how chic they look in their event cover photo. Plus the subtitle evokes an underrated 2010 Nelly hit jam. Race down to IGT Tonight and Tomorrow for this fantastical show!

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Dancing With The Professors

dancing prof

will dance for higher penncoursereview scores

Ever wanted to see your professors dance? Well they’re going to anyway.
2pm tomorrow in Bodek Lounge, à la Dancing with the Stars, participating student-professor partnerships will be boogieying for victory your approval.

If you aren’t going for the hilarity/weirdosity, at least go for the learning opportunity—or, as Dr. Johnson puts it in a recent email, a chance to demonstrate some “awesome physics concepts.” Speaking of Johnson’s emails, seems like he already has some salsa under his belt.

Peep the event flyer here.

Filly FridayMarch 22, 2013 at 5:47 pm

Filly Friday

Image c/o Britt Miller at http://www.brittmillerart.com/

Image c/o Britt Miller at http://www.brittmillerart.com/

Now that it’s Spring (statistically speaking,) we must all lift the iron curtain of hibernation and leave our cozy Rosengarten carrels for the light of a SEPTA stop. Go off campus, baby!

Friday:  Head over to World Café Live (so close!) to see Freshly Ground, an Afrobeat funk band that’ll make you want to get up off of that thang. Tickets max out at $18, so the beat won’t break ya bank.

To Saturday and Sunday!

What's HapPENNingJanuary 30, 2012 at 9:07 am

What’s HapPENNing?

It’s the second full week of school, and you’re preparing for the calm before the storm. Yeah, midterms? Already? What’s up with that? Check out these neato events before you pretend to start studying.

Penn-Princeton Game
Who: Penn Basketball
When and where: Today, 7 p.m.; The Palestra
Why: You know, basketball? That’s the one where they kick the ball into the net. Or there are ice skates involved in some way? Well, anyway, our freshman year roommate said it was a big deal, so we’re going to check it out ourselves because SPORTS RAH RAH RAH.

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Welcome back to Penn, everyone! (Except for you, with the face. You know who you are.) UTB was on a bit of a break over the holiday season, but now we’re back in full-posting force. We’re helping you celebrate the last night of freedom before classes start with a bit o’ Whitney, so break out your dance shoes and remember to keep checking back. Buttons up for the new semester!

LivingSocial Deal To Annenberg Center -- If you're feeling cultural, you can get a ticket to Aszure Barton & Artists or "The Cripple of Inishmaan" for $20 instead of the usual $42. Apparently these are dance shows. Grab it here!
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Gettin’ Groovy With Your Fav College House

Harrison kids can break it down! The Harrison College Semi-formal, located at the oh-so-convenient Harrison College House Rooftop Lounge on Saturday, March 19, was a hit among residents and non-residents alike. For $5 ahead of time (or a whopping $7 at the door) party-goers were given free range to indulge in unlimited Maggiano’s, face paint, and masks, all in the spirit of the masquerade theme.

No need to travel far to have a slammin’ time – one elevator ride provided a b-r-e-a-t-h taking view of our own City of Brotherly Lurv. Check out our special exclusive footage of the night; yes, some of it’s kind of dark, but that’s because the formal was too busy being awesome to worry about proper lighting for our video.

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Say Hi To The Skulls Crunk Bunny!

We’ll admit it: ever since pledging ended, we’ve been a little starved for some brothers in costume. (UTB loves a man in uniform.) Just when we thought it was all over and the only thing to look forward to was summer, a guy in a rabbit suit appeared on Locust Walk. Seems like Skulls is pulling out all the stops for their “Crunk for Crohn’s” party tonight. This guy has been out there since the early morning asking for donations, chasing runners, and dancing to old school hip-hop. The bunny below is breaking it down to “Notorious.”

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Wharton School Musical

After we watched this video, we were left with only one question: why did it take this long for someone to create a High School Musical parody set at Wharton?

Our guess is that this is a Penn Singers production, but Arts House groupies should watch out for the appearance of several featured dancers, including our favorite Blake Lively lookalike.

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ShutterButton: Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes

Roving photographer Melanie Lei spent Saturday night at the Emily Sachs Dance Benefit Show.

Until Penn Dance can afford real hula hoops, they’ll have to pretend.

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