FeaturesNovember 13, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Punch It: Your Guide To Punchcards At Penn

We get it: if you’re going to trudge through the same campus coffee shops and eateries day in and day out, you want the most bang for your buck. To help you with that goal, we’ve rounded up all the punchcards in our area to help make you a more efficient eater, drinker and nosher. Have any that we’ve missed? Do share!

Auntie Annies: Buy six pretzels, pretzel sticks or pretzel dogs and get the seventh free!
Insider tip: Use one of the many coupons they hand out around campus to make those six pretzels cost more like five or four.

Café Prima (in Harrison College House): Purchase nine cafe drinks or DVD rentals, get the 10th free.
Insider tip: Be sure to remember to punch for DVD rentals; they’re cheaper than drinks!

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NewsJuly 18, 2011 at 10:04 am

Unreal: $100 Cream And Sugar Groupon

We’ve all been there, waking up on a lazy Sunday, surfing through a few channels before deciding on what we really want: a cupcake-decorating party for six to eight people in the comfort of our own home. And what better establishment to provide a mobile baking experience than campus favorite Cream and Sugar? We don’t see anything wrong with the $100-for-$200 price tag on this one-of-a-kind experience. Finally there’s a Groupon to fulfill this overwhelming consumer demand. Hurry, there’s only a day and a half left to buy!

LivingSocial Deal To Annenberg Center -- If you're feeling cultural, you can get a ticket to Aszure Barton & Artists or "The Cripple of Inishmaan" for $20 instead of the usual $42. Apparently these are dance shows. Grab it here!
In Daily Deal News -- Crowdquest has a new deal up for Kitchen@Penn and regular Groupon has a deal for Ethio, the Ethiopian restaurant on 45th and Locust. Kitchen's is up till Monday, while Ethio's done tomorrow night.
Hold Up: Fresh Grocer Has Coupons On Their Website - Did you guys know about the FroGro coupon website? We certainly didn't, and have been paying full (over)price for everything at the neighborhood's most convenient supermarket. Current highlights on the store's coupon page include $3 off Similac, $1 off InStyle magazine, and $1 off Cheerios. We will be using all of these.
NewsJanuary 13, 2011 at 2:07 pm

University City Social Starts Tonight

University City Social, the western cousin of Center City Sips, kicks off tonight with food and drink specials at some well loved West Philly institutions. Every Thursday from now until March 17th, you can enjoy $2 Coors Light, $3 Blue Moon’s, $4 cocktails made with Tito’s vodka, and a slew of half-priced appetizers at the following restaurants and bars:

  • Baby Blue’s BBQ
  • Blarney Stone
  • Blockley Pourhouse
  • Cavanaugh’s
  • City Tap House
  • Copabanana
  • Mikey’s Sports Bar & Grill
  • New Deck Tavern
  • Slainte
  • Smokey Joe’s

All of this sounds like a good deal to us. (Unrelated: can someone offer some insight as to why the poster for this event highlights such a boring segment of the Philadelphia skyline?)

Today's Groupon Is At American Apparel-- Ooooh, $25 for $50 worth of American Apparel stuff for today's Groupon. Get it here before the end of the day!
DP Dough Gets A Groupon-- Hooray for Groupons on campus! Pay $7 and get $15 worth of food here. Although you only have today and tomorrow to actually buy the deal, the Groupon doesn't expire until February so there's no rush to use it. Nom nom late night NSO food.
CityAugust 10, 2010 at 2:08 pm

Foursquare Where?

We know, we know. We’re still trying to make Foursquare happen. But it’s seriously getting cooler! Here’s a list of all the deals you can get right here around University City. If nothing else, you can show these to your friends as proof Foursquare is not just about badges… shiny, beautiful badges.

We don’t know when/how/why venues change their deals, but we’ll try to keep you updated with what you can get for your checkins.

If you want to see all of Philly’s specials, go to the Businesses page and make sure your location is Philadelphia. Every refresh will get you different stuff! Read the rest of this entry »

CityJune 9, 2010 at 9:21 am

Dolla Dolla Billz, Y’all

George is like, "WHAAAT Dollar Stroll?!"

Yes, yes, yes! We love this! Coming to a Baltimore Avenue near you: for $1, you can get a ton of cool stuff during the “Dollar Stroll.” Fifteen businesses will offer specials for a buck every second Thursday of summer, 5:30- 8:30 p.m. Coffee? Beer? Yoga classes? Baltimore would be all, “Hell yeah, just a dollar,” if it could talk.

To put it in Penn terms, ONE Wharton Behavioral Lab can get you an item apiece at two-thirds of these businesses. Check out all the sweet deals for tomorrow after the jump!

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