NewsSeptember 14, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Driver Drama

We all have our off days when it comes to cars, especially in a city environment. Maybe this particular offender really needed to rush into Copa or pick up some booze at Allegro’s. Whatever the case, one vigilante decided to take matters into their own hands and set the driver straight (not literally, of course, the car was still halfway in the road). Judge the infraction for yourself and see if the citizen justice was warranted.

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NewsJuly 5, 2011 at 11:49 am

Robot Isn’t Good At Doing Robot Things, Is Funny

Continuing what we guess is left-brain day, we present a little bit of robo-humor for your Tuesday (that feels like a Monday) morning. Even if you have no idea what’s happening, it’s pretty funny to watch the ominous-sounding “Quadrotor” fail all over the place. Tech blog Gizmodo thought it was cute, too.

FeaturesApril 29, 2011 at 6:08 pm

OPennBook: Penn Relays Edition

It’s been way too long since we last checked in with OpenBook, but what better day to do it than during Penn Relays? If you’re not familiar with this social media extravaganza, OpenBook works by displaying all status updates on Facebook containing searched terms pulled from open profiles. Because, yeah, people still have open profiles. And AOL accounts. This is 2011, people– get with it!

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NewsMarch 28, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Emails, Do Less Edition

We’re usually not ones to call out specific people, but seriously, Theos, stop using the internet. Half of Penn, as well as some angry alums, were cordially invited to a gathering on Saturday. One such alum responded to all with a snarky request to learn how to use BCC. Was she just pissed the VIP list was apparently not so VIP? Find out after the jump!

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NewsMarch 1, 2011 at 11:35 pm

MeepMe Gets Offended, Hacks Poll

Some weird things happened today to a seemingly trivial Highbrow poll on First, within a few hours there were over 1,000 votes for who is having the “Worst Week Ever,” curiously skewed for each of the three options besides MeepMe, the “flirting app” run by this guy. Then there were 33,000 votes and change, 11k each for, again, every other choice but MeepMe. To top it all off, the vast majority of said votes were from a random location in Stuart, Florida. Which, you know, seems to be where the MeepMe server is located.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but we think maybe you MeepMe folk could use your technical expertise for something better than hacking meaningless internet polls. Like making MeepMe not suck so much.

NewsFebruary 15, 2011 at 9:00 am

A V-Day Hangover

This sad lil’ guy (number redacted for privacy) was spotted outside of Pottruck at some point yesterday afternoon. Any idea who he might have been intended for? We’re guessing the grand gesture that these were likely a part of didn’t end up going too well. There’s always next year!

Water Crisis in the Quad! – Fact: water shutoffs are frequent (and extremely annoying) occurrences. But today, the water was shut off at 4 p.m. in parts of the Quad and has still not been turned on! The latest e-mail, sent out at 10:38 this evening, indicated that there was still not even an estimate of when the water would be turned back on. Get your shit together, Quad pipes!

Update: "The Water Department has located the second break in the line. Unfortunately, the leak is located near a bank of electrical lines which is making the repairs more complicated than expected. There still isn't an estimated time for the water to return to the Quad, but residents should expect another update around 6am." -Paul Forchielli, Housing Services

FAIL-- HUP is bad at having sanitary kitchens, says the Inquirer. Like, 14 violations worth Some of these include a dishwasher that didn't sanitize right and raw chicken hanging out with ready-to-eat food... gross. Kind of reminds us of any time anyone checks anything around Penn for health code standards.
UncategorizedJune 21, 2010 at 5:49 pm

LOListserv, WIC Edition

Every time we get a new episode of listserv abuse, we think to ourselves that this will surely be the last one. By now people must have figured out how to use their emails, right? We’re then, of course, totally secretly thrilled when we hear listserv drama is still alive and well.

It is our honor to present the latest in internet lameness: the Wharton Investment Club Unsubscribe Crisis of 2010. If you’re in a time crunch, just scroll straight to the ultimate take-home: “For crying out loud, stop using AOL. You’re embarrassing yourself.” Read the rest of this entry »

UncategorizedApril 4, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Penn Technology, You Suck

Looks like PennInTouch and Blackboard got jealous of AirPennNet’s Best Of Penn fame (Best Technological Failure) and are fighting back. Both are alternating between being down and really slow, presumably because it’s the last night to register for spring courses. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you apparently can’t Google Penn Course Review anymore– you have to get to it through Penn Portal. Or you can find it here. Thank us later.