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Things to Fall and Break During Fall Break

It’s fall break! Or sprall break. Regardless, whether you’re couched at your parents’ or going HAM in New York or veggin’ out on-campus, it’s a crazy world out there and you should be careful. With that in mind, here’s 10 things you can fall and break over fall break:

1. Fall on the high rise stairwell and break your iPhone because someone forgot to open a window when they were using their George Foreman grill and now Rodin’s fire alarm is going off. Thanks, pal.

2. Fall on the 38th Street bridge and break your cool. You always tell yourself you will not trip. You will not trip. And then you do.

3. Fall behind on work and break your academic spirit. Really, dude? It’s two days.

4. Fall in love with home and break your mother’s heart when you ask her if she can do your laundry again because you just didn’t have time thanks Mom and what time is dinner anyway? Fall Into More Of The Post Here

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PennPorn Volume III: Send Us Fall’s Finest

Mother Nature is doing her annual “I’m taking off my clothes, wanna peek?”-thing right now, and for the past few weeks, we’ve been smitten with the crunchy leaves, the brisk [insert pluralized time of day here], the pumpkin-spiced [insert JAPpy drinks here] and the crisp [insert bangs that Kathy Najimy sports in Disney's "Hocus Pocus" here]. It’s a party, y’all, and we’re all invited! To celebrate the season, send us your best autumnal pictures by this Thursday and we’ll post our favorites by the start of the Fall Break. And remember the golden rule of photography: you don’t NEED to Instagram it.

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PennPorn: Your Pretty Fall Pictures

Yesterday we asked for your pretty fall photos, and here’s what we’ve got! These shots prove that campus is just as beautiful as anywhere else, and probably more so. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Missed your chance to send pictures in? Tweet them at us and we’ll retweet you all day. And if you’ve still got a hankerin’ for Penn in her prime (looking at you, abroad kids) ogle the Office of University Communication’s collection here.

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Shutterbutton: You Edition! Send Us Your Pretty Pics

We live on a college campus in autumn. This is one of the prettiest places in the world to be right now; fall at Penn is where admissions brochures come from, and what people think of when they imagine “Ivy League.” Naturally, our newsfeeds have been more than a little cluttered by muploads and photographers alike posting homages to the season. We want to see those pictures!

Send us your beautiful foliage, your waning sunlight or your “people playing frisbee in the Quad without a care in the world” and we’ll put them up on UTB for the world to see. You can tweet them at us, tag our Facebook page in your pics or use good old-fashioned email. Just send them quick— soon it will be too cold to operate your shutter button without freezing a finger off.

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Five Foods For Fall

It’s October. Like, September is officially over. What! And while the passage of time is happening a little too quickly for some of us (hey seniors), it does spell one marvelous thing: fall. In addition to the standard pretty leaves and crisp weather, here are a couple on-campus reasons to smile.

Cider Pumpkin Bisque at White Dog

Fall = fall clothing = feeling classier = let’s go to White Dog. Their cider pumpkin bisque is a must if you’re willing to spend a little more on soup. Ditch ABP on a day you’ve got class down campus and go for the gold. Or orange. Or whatever color pumpkin bisque is.

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Food Truck Watch: Korean Tacos And Banh Mi Are En Route

Korean tacos...so delicious!

Just days after the news of a new juice truck,there’s word of another rad-sounding truck.

Chef Tyson Wong Ophaso brings us Bee-Innovation, a food truck serving healthy and affordable international dishes such as Vietnamese banh-mi sandwiches, a variety of curry rice bowls, and Korean tacos. Some may remember Ophaso from his previous venture at Chew Man Chu, the Center City pan-Asian restaurant that closed only a few months after opening. If it’s any indication, the food there was awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fall Schedules Are Up!

Try not to freak out y’all, but it’s true: fall schedules are up. While add/drop hasn’t started yet, shimmy on over to Penn In Touch to check out what classes you could potentially be taking next semester.

CampusNovember 17, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Happy First Week Of Classes?

calendarToday, when we finally got around to flipping our Penn Student Agencies academic calendars to November, we noticed that last Wednesday was listed as the “First Day of Classes.” Here we were, thinking the semester had started on September 9. This is great news! We’re not half as behind as we thought we were, nor have we missed as many classes.

In the case that this is a mistake (it couldn’t be though, right?), we recommend giving it to professors in place of a doctor’s note.

CampusNovember 6, 2009 at 11:00 am

Healing The Pains Of Not Having Enough Pains Interviews To Read

Tonight’s the SPEC Fall Concert! We’re sure you all read the interviews with the bands from this week’s Street, but maybe that wasn’t enough. Maybe you want to know what Pains of Being Pure at Heart singer Kip Berman had to say about autumn, football and how much Smashing Pumpkins he’s been listening to. Good news: we have outtakes from the interview on those very subjects and so much more!

Street: This is going to be the fall concert – what’s your favorite thing about fall?

Kip Berman: Oh my God, it’s my favorite season. And my birthday’s in the fall. I love football. Birthday, football, changing leaves…I also like sweaters a lot. When fall comes around I can start wearing sweaters again, which is true to my indie pop nature. It could be seen as cliche but it’s true. I especially like argyle ones. The World Series is fun, too. Read the rest of this entry »

CampusOctober 8, 2009 at 3:57 pm

Time To Break Out Your Snuggie


Soon enough, kids. Soon enough.

Fall is officially here. This means many things to Penn students: changing leaves on the Green, the return of sweaters, scarves and boots, Halloween slutacularness. It also means something else for College House residents: the switch from A/C to heat. While this change isn’t as bad as the heat to A/C switch (does anyone remember the sweaty disaster that was Reading Days Spring ’07?), it is still insanely complicated. See below.

Dear Residents,

Housing Services has asked Facilities Services to begin the transition from air conditioning to heat in the College Houses and Sansom Place. Because temperatures have been variable and will continue in that vein, the transition will not take effect immediately. The chilled water supply has been discontinued in the buildings that are air conditioned.

The switchover process is somewhat complicated and the transition from air conditioning to heat is not immediate. There is a two pipe system in the College Houses and Sansom Place that serve as a supply and return. This system pumps either hot or chilled water, but not both at the same time. The transition process from summer air conditioning to winter heating requires that chilled water temperatures in the system be gradually raised. Read the rest of this entry »