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Craiglist Opportunity To Become The Realest Le Anh

You’re already a sophomore and you haven’t come up with a super original, totally innovative start-up yet? Your opportunity to finally become relevant while rising to the ranks of food royalty like Le Anh and Cute HubBub guy is knocking.

This Craiglist ad is offering a fully functional food truck complete with all the necessary licensing and equipment to hit the Philly streets tomorrow. What will some swashbuckling Craiglist-er do with this opportunity? Perhaps the Philly food truck market’s startling lack of artisan mayonnaise, socially conscious cake pops, or hand-crafted pizza bites will finally be met. Here’s to hoping!

34th Street MagazineFebruary 26, 2014 at 9:27 am

STREET Presents: Spring Dining Guide

Dining Guide 2014It’s mealtime in Philadelphia and Street is here with macarons and nachos and so much more. Our Spring Dining Guide has suggestions for incredible eats near and far. Try hot fried chicken at a restaurant with a porcine name (and read our interview with owner and Top Chef Kevin Sbraga) and see what Drexel has to offer you in the realm of mac n cheese and quesadillas. Our own campus now boasts excellent pizza, and on certain weekend days, bagels. Explore South Philly for a high quality Italian byo and a creative vegan one. Walk around Rittenhouse, croissant in hand or grab an elegant picnic in Washington Square or a pickle and a drink at Gaslight. Northern Liberties is changing the Tater tots game and Jose Garces gave Philly a Cuban Diner. For fine dining, consider Avance and read our exclusive interview with Chef Justin Bogle.  Or try High Street on Market, a more casual restaurant from the Chef of Fork. Any way you slice it, Spring 2014 is a wonderful time to dive into Philadelphia’s thriving food scene. Where are you going to start?

P.S. Need BYO, food truck, cheap eats, Italian, Asian, or nearby food suggestions? We’ve got your back!

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Never Leave Huntsman. Order Food Online.

food truck flyer updatedPolar Vortex. The last thing you want to do is leave the warmth and coziness of your beloved GSR. Additionally, every second you’re stuck standing in line at the Bridge Café is a waste of your Netflix-in-GSR-time, while your inbox slowly collects emails from your Mom asking, “How is OCR going sweetie?”

One MGMT 230 group has the solution. Penn Food 4 Thought is a service that allows students to place an order from a select number of local food trucks, and then pick up the order in a Huntsman GSR. Sooo it’s basically GrubHub. The food trucks currently being offered are Hemos, Bento Box, Koja, and Lyn’s.

Let the laziness commence! Place all of your orders here, and let’s hope that all sorority girl favorite Magic Carpet gets added to the list. Can we get an ammmmennnn?

NewsJune 4, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Another Food Truck Finds A Home In West Philly

184550_159956834184955_1393481721_nChipotle and Honest Tom’s, make room, there’s a new Mexican eatery in town. Local chef Vanessa Jerolmack is set to open Taco Angeleno at 50th and Baltimore this July. The take-out style restaurant will feature picnic tables and – drum roll, please – a food truck.

Taco Angeleno will offer three kinds of tacos, plus specials that will vary daily. Vegan options will also be available so everyone can grab a bite of the goodness. Looks like Jerolmack has all the bases covered.

So what exactly is it about food trucks that always have Penn kids swooning? We’re not exactly sure, but then again, we’re not complaining about West Philly’s newest addition. Plus, we hear tacos pair quite well with these.  ¡Salud! 

NewsDecember 1, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Ba-Guette Ready For This Spring

Banh-mi is cool but when are we getting one of these?

There are few things that Penn students love more than Quaker spirit food trucks. Luckily, we now have yet another choice as to where to stuff our faces in that awkward hour-long break between classes. Coming to Penn/Drexel (meh) this spring, Baguette Philly will serve Vietnamese Banh-mi hoagies (no idea what that is either, but it looks good).

The hoagies aren’t even the best part—no, seriously. The food truck will participate in the Lunch 4 Lunch Program, which donates to a hunger relief organization for every meal purchased. Now you can feel good about stuffing your face in the middle of the afternoon! Go ahead and have that second hoagie, girl. It’s for charity.

Can’t wait for that Banh-mi? Help Baguette Philly purchase and set up its truck by pledging on kickstarter.

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Food Trucks At Penn: A Tasting Menu

Listen up, freshmen goblins and ghouls: Penn’s dining halls aren’t that great. Yeah! See, at first, we were all, “Wow! Commons is serving chicken tetrazzini on a chocolate waffle today, isn’t that nice?” But then we tried it and were like, “Wow! It absolutely tastes like Paula Deen just farted in my mouth.” Luckily, though, we live in a city where we have plenty of options when it comes to grub, and Penn’s cheap and delicious food trucks are winners in our book. So bid au revoir to Bon Appétit and check out ten of our favorite trucks:

What’s that? For better or for worse, Bui’s is THE Penn food truck. Located on 38th and Spruce, this cart scores instant points for its low prices, quick service and simple but filling eggy sandwiches which are known for working miracles on even the worst hangovers. Pro tip: “Salpeppakeshup?” means, “Would you like me to put salt, pepper and ketchup on your sandwich?”
Don’t miss: Hangover Special

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Marrakesh Express Moves Onto Penn’s Campus

Marrakesh Express, previously of 44th and Chestnut, appears to have reopened to the public on 40th and Locust, transforming from an ugly caterpillar full-service restaurant to a ~beautiful butterfly~ food truck in the process. (…Did we just say that?)  According to Meal Ticket, it was supposed to have opened in October, but this is the first we’ve heard of it. In any case, the Keshspress, which is an awful nickname we already regret publishing, promises to bring delicious “SHAWARMA+FALAFEL ON WHEELS” to the Penn community. We can’t wait to try it out– we’re salivating over the Yelp reviews. In the meantime, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, everyone!

Chez Yasmine Is Open!– Head on over to this new gourmet food truck on 37th and Spruce on your way over to the game. Let us know how it is!
NewsSeptember 18, 2011 at 3:53 pm

Brain Food

How many advanced degrees does it take to start a food cart? For Penn’s newest truck, Chez Yasmine, it evidently took three, but you and your buddies might need a couple Ph.D’s and an MBA between you if you’re looking to develop a menu as complex as this.

Influenced by their childhoods in the US, Tunisia, France, Sweden, Spain, and Venezuela, as well as by international street foods, the owners of Philly’s “first gourmet sandwich, soup, and salad truck” aim to harken back to the “summer days when your grandma called you in from the outdoors to serve you your favorite lunch” — presumably with a bit more sophistication than a pack of Lunchables. With everything from PB&J to Bahn Mi and Salmon Smörgås (say that ten times fåst), it looks like Chez Yasmine will give its neighbors a run for their money when it lands at 37th and Spruce on its planned October 1 opening.

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Magic Carpet, Meet Your Match

Attention all sorostitutes and skinny bitches! Pure Fare, a health-conscious café on 21st Street, is grabbing its trademark goodies and rolling over your way. Owners and siblings Kriti and Kunal Sehgal recently invested in a food truck, and they can’t wait to feed you.

The truck, arriving in about two weeks, will park itself on 40th and Locust, Monday through Friday, and will serve sandwiches, salads, snacks and Blue Bottle (it’s name brand hipster stuff like PBR, but coffee—whatever, you probably haven’t heard of it anyway, it’s pretty underground; just take our word for it).