FeaturesApril 15, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Your Fling Photos Are In: Reliving Spring Fling 2K14

flingstanleyAs we collectively wallow in this rainy post-Fling Tuesday, we can only hope ya didn’t have to untag too many pictures or explain to your parents why they received a Dominos pizza delivery at 2am on Saturday (It’s a long not even a long story).

Either way, this moody weather gives us the perfect excuse to reflect on what transpired this past weekend, and there’s no better medium to do this than through the contemporary photograph. Without further ado about nothing, here’s our roundup of the Fling photos you sent us, or hashtagged with #flingstagram:





Nothing unites strangers like the 3am drive for calories. Here we observe an eclectic medley of organisms gathering around the oasis that is ol’ McDonald’s.



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NewsMarch 6, 2014 at 9:39 am

Let’s Get Lazier

crunchbuttonNow on Penn’s campus, Crunchbutton is a website and iPhone app (originally designed by Yale students) that allows people to order popular dishes online from  local restaurants that don’t usually deliver. Imagine: Wawa, Sweetgreen, and/or Chipotle in your mouth with a click of a button–finally your wildest dreams have come true!

This happiness does come at a rather steep price: a medium side of mac and cheese from WaWa will set you back almost $8 with the automatic tip added. Additionally, the site’s hours of operation seem to be a little off (restaurants randomly “close” during the day), and we were confused by the picture of the sports car with the caption ”Be a Delivery Biker!” on the homepage. But despite all this, we are still ecstatic to finally have a start-up we can get on board with and we can’t wait until that burrito bowl is cradled safely in our immobile arms.

FEDERAL DONUTS REALLY OPENING MONDAY -- After a confusing tweet saga last time, UTB can officially confirm the Sansom location is coming for us on March 10 (yes, break)! Shout it from the rooftops.
NewsFebruary 12, 2014 at 2:18 pm

Federal Donuts Opening Friday YES A DRILL (UPDATE)

The best thing to hit Sansom Street since ever is opening FRIDAY, according to this tweet. Sorry, Dunkin on Walnut, this downtown transplant is about to be everything.

Update: Misleading. FD just wants VDay orders ahead of time. Stay tuned while we cry…

Love WeekFebruary 12, 2014 at 11:23 am

Where To Go On Valentine’s Day If You’re Tryna

640069557_106753Valentine’s Day is on Friday, and everyone at UTB has plans. We understand that not everyone is as #blessed (read: active on Tinder) as we are, so we’ve compiled a list of University City deals for any and all types of V-days.

Where To Go on Valentine’s Day If You’re Tryna:

Get some: Distrito or Aksum. Distrito is offering three different four-course tasting menus that cost $50-$65 per person. Aksum is offering a four-course prix fixe dinner for $55 per person. Save these for someone special (i.e. the author of this post who previously lied and in fact has no plans and really likes Aksum).

Eat your feelings: The Farmacy. They are offering a six-course tasting menu for $60 per person or $100 for a couple. Or Wawa. Always Wawa.

Get dumped: Hill. Bon Appetit is sponsoring a couple’s dinner at Hill. Just, no. Read the rest of this entry »

FeaturesFebruary 2, 2014 at 5:07 pm

Super Bowl 2K14: An Eating Game

frame_extYou’re not fooling anyone. We know your ass is only at that Super Bowl party for the wings. Lucky for you, UTB nixed the usual drinking game  for the world’s first Super Bowl EATING game. After all, why would you want to just get regular wasted when you can get pizza-wasted? Happy tweeting n eating!

  • Every time someone makes a reference to Washington and Colorado being pot states, smoke a super bowl. Puff, puff for every completed pass. Count the hash marks on the field. Did you know XLVIII actually stands for 420? Sorry, we’re done.*
  • GoDaddy’s commercial leaves you disgusted but also fascinated: slurp your drink really loudly in memory of this gem.
  • Something important happens and everyone is screaming and you have no idea what’s going on: eat a chip. If you’re busy with a mouth full of nacho cheese no one will notice you’re a fraud.
  • Camera angle trickery fails and Bruno Mars’ super-shortness becomes apparent: finish your slice.
  • Wardrobe malfunction: eat a red hot chili pepper.
  • Hit the brownies early when the guy you’re hooking up with gets really into the game and forgets you exist.
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NewsJanuary 9, 2014 at 1:36 pm

Salento Closed: Break Officially Too Long

SALENTO FDRWe thought we hit break-rock-bottom when we caught ourselves reciting the Movies on Demand preview under our breath and seriously considering whether or not to watch Bronies on Netflix. We were wrong—break just got much worse. Salento, the Italian BYO at 22nd and Walnut where everyone celebrated their 19th/24th birthday, has closed for good.

Shall we compare Salento to a summer’s day? K, sure, why not. It was accessible via Penn Transit, had a creepy yet still flattering waiter, and OMG that chicken breast with the white balsamic and golden raisins. Bless.

We will miss you, bb. While bringing a water bottle full of Franzia to the Houston pasta line gets the job done, it is not the same. RIP.

CampusOctober 23, 2013 at 4:53 pm

For The Foodie In You

jwicksbookYou compost. You buy organic. You don’t Instagram your food at the table (It’s bad for you and rude). Now take your cuisine-conscious self to the next level with the founder of White Dog Café, Judy Wicks, on all things Philly and foodie.

As part of the Urban Nutrition Initiative’s Food Week, she’ll be talking about her new book, how she started WDC, and her role in the sustainable food movement at a Van Pelt book signing this Friday. Never feel bad about brunch again! Turns out activism can be yummy.


NewsOctober 12, 2013 at 10:40 am

Hip City Veg, Hip Hip City Veg

HCVJust in time for bikini body season, HipCityVeg opened its doors yesterday at 214 S. 40th Street. (RIP Won Oriental–we miss you, sweet prince.)

With an all-veg menu full of pseudo-healthy options, HCV may just replace Sweetgreen as the betchiest restaurant on campus.
More importantly, it’s open until 1 a.m. on the weekends and sells milkshakes.  We’re sold.

NewsOctober 5, 2013 at 6:24 pm

Shake It Like A Shake Shack

shake shack

Late Thursday night, we’re feeling all right, but Friday morning we fret.

The hookup we had was admittedly bad, and we’re trying our best to forget.

But when we wake, we think “milkshake!”, to nurse this nasty hangover,

We head to Shake Shack for that walk of shame snack,

and hope at some point to be sober.