FeaturesFebruary 17, 2011 at 3:06 pm

Found On A Frat Listserv: Shower Power

Generally a haven for raunchy stories, offensive photos and unadulterated debauchery, fraternity listservs occasionally produce gems so amusing that we must share with the world. The latest in silly: a detailed ranking of one house’s showers, complete with justifications and a scoring system.

We’re impressed with the thought, time and dedication that the author has put into recommending the best travel shower experience (the art of using a different shower than usual) for his brothers, and if we ever shack there we’ll be sure to take words like this to heart:

A cornucopia of shower cleansing liquids due to the eclectic nature of this hall’s residents. Lack of barriers means you can simultaneously shower AND chat with your BUDDEEZ!

Read the breakdown (and find out the winner) after the jump! But be warned… some of this is gross.

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