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ShutterButton: Classy Chapter House Circa 1905

phipsiThis is the pool room of the old chapter house of Penn’s Phi Kappa Psi. Though Phi Psi has lived on Spruce since 1977 , this building sits at 3641 Locust and was built when all of Locust was still a street! Now the building is the Colonial Penn Center, home of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (that’s not Greek). This photo was taken just after the building was completed in 1905 (obviously they had to snap a classy picture before stuff like this or this could happen).

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The Anti-Flinger’s Guide To Fling

NoFunThere are always a few of you each year–the select bunch who haven’t mastered the art of drunk blogging for Writing Seminar. While the rest of campus is praying to the gods of Pong and Porcelain, you’re holed up in a Huntsman GSR…which is why we present you with:

The Anti-Flinger’s Guide to Fling

1. Start your Fling Friday in the VP Stacks, where we’re sure an Independent Study (if you know what we mean) won’t do it for ya. Booty call a friend, describing your location with the Dewey Decimal System.

2. How desperate is too desperate, you ask? Rising freshmen are fair game. 11th-graders are a no-go–unless they’ve broken a 2100.

3. On the off-chance you start to envy red cups and the people who hold them, remind yourself that you are classy. Take swigs from the bottle of Poland Spring (without the label, of course) that you snuck into the library, cringing with each swallow. Remind yourself that it’s only water.

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Greekdex is back--As if Facebook somehow doesn't fulfill your stalking needs, the stalk-my-sorority database, Greekdex, has returned after a one-year hiatus. You won't be able to see much until you log in, but features include house directories, Spotify playlists, and photo albums. For those who care about their ogle-ability more than their Google-ability, the site is sure to be far from bro-ing!
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Skulls: Bad To The Bone

BREAKING– Looks like Skulls (Phi Kappa Sigma) has been kicked off campus. Stay tuned for updates.

Update: It’s Facebook official in this message brought to you by Nationals president Douglas W. Opicka. Get the rest of the deets from the DP right here.

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Rushin’ Invasion

Check out this comprehensive list of tonight’s fraternity rush events, compliments of the IFC. Click on the image below to blow it up. Then print, laminate and frame it. But most importantly, memorize it and plan your dinner(s) accordingly.

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Bro-cial Media

While you may have spent this weekend bragging about how many formals you got invited to, one fraternity was determined to highlight their social season in a different way. In an email that is both hilarious and precious, this frat attempts to show the ultimate proof of brotherhood: a Foursquare badge.

The author implores all attendees to check in to the formal venue in order to create a “Swarm” of 50+ check ins, which is apparently better than getting laid. We don’t even think this is some kind of rush tactic, it’s just plain… silly.

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Penn Grad Goes To Infinity, And Beyond!

And you thought you did well in OCR!

And you thought you did well in OCR!

NASA has announced its crew for a space shuttle set to launch in April of 2010. On this list is astronaut Garrett Reisman, who graduated from Penn in ’91 with majors in Econ and Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics. According to this sport-y article in The NY Times that we can’t be bothered to read thoroughly, and The DP ca. 1998, he was a member of ATO and the president of the Interfraternity Council.

Reisman visited Penngineers in February, and you should have checked it out because one time he was on The Colbert Report! From space!

While researching, we noticed that Reisman said of his dream to become an astronaut, “It was a long shot – no pun intended,” in at least several interviews. Could it be that this pun was, in fact, intended? As this one-time DRL rat prepares for his second space-walk, we too must prepare. Prepare to wait a long time for our answer.

May the force be with you, Garrett. No movie reference intended.

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Down To The Swimmin’ Hole AT SAE

In a bro-tastic move that would make John Blutarsky proud, members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity took advantage of the gorgeous weather this week by creating a giant pool in their front yard.

Thanks to Alan d’Escragnolle (W ’11) for the photos!

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Tabard Is Looking A Little Masculine Today

We’d get closer but we don’t want to start compulsively fist-pumping. Plus it’s totally rude to just walk in Zete’s living room.

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ShutterButton: In Which A Teddy Bear Is The New Lunchbox

Yesterday around 1pm, my class on the third floor of Williams Hall was interrupted by sounds of yelling, screaming, and fighting in the hallway. I emerged from the classroom to find this scene:

One guy (seen in the middle of the pack with the semi-’fro) was being wrestled to the ground by a group of six or so ladies related to an unnamed organization. It was clear the man was holding something of importance and it was definitely not fragile, as the girls were trying to pry it from his hands by throwing his helpless body from wall to wall.

Despite a valiant struggle that lasted several minutes, the guy (pledge?) was overwhelmed and defeated, and the girls fled the scene with their hard-fought prize: a teddy bear.

Was the guy trying to “Indiana Jones” a prized sorority treasure? Or was he himself a victim of a sorority pledge scavenger hunt?