Free Hookah-- Download The DP mobile app and show it at Aloosh Hookah Bar to snag some free hookah! Only the first ten customers this week and first ten next week get to smoke it up, so get moving.
NewsAugust 30, 2013 at 5:18 pm

More Free Stuff For Your Overstuffed Room

photo (2)Don’t have enough XXL Penn Shirts and drawstring bags you’ll never use? Head to the Comcast stand outside Allegro’s to spin the wheel – and maybe get lucky! You could win: one month of free HBO when you sign up for 12 months at only $999 a month! (We’re kidding, it’s only $998.99)

NewsMay 4, 2013 at 11:24 am

Filly Festivals

rittenhouse-row-festival-crowd-600In Philly for the summer? Us too. While UTB will keep you posted on each week’s particular happenings, this helpful Philly spring-and-early-summer festival guide from Uwishunu is worth a read.

During the next two months, every possible culture and special interest group is capitalizing on the gorge weather with a big celebration. Best of all, festival-hopping will cost you nada! For example, this weekend is the South Street Spring Festival, the Kite Festival at Penn Treaty Park, the Strawberry Festival, and the Broad Street Run. Here’s to your next Facebook album!


Free Coffee -- Just like every other semester during finals, Bridge Cafe in Huntsman is giving away free cups o' Joe from 9PM-12AM, starting TONIGHT! Seniors, these may be the last dining dollars you ever spend!
ContestsSeptember 18, 2012 at 12:27 pm

A Pitch Perfect Wednesday

If your Wednesday night is bare (looking at you, Skulls), go no further than SPEC Film to hook you up.  They’re hosting a free screening of Pitch Perfect tomorrow, and you, lucky UTB reader, can win a reserved seat.  For the first five to comment on this post, SPEC will rope off reserved seats for you and a friend.

Our impression after watching the trailer is that this is going to be some cross between Glee, Mean Girls, and possibly hopefully Stomp the Yard.  Penn alum Elizabeth Banks co-produced the movie with her husband (They met at Penn!  Dreams do come true!) and makes an appearance in the film.  And Penn’s own Dischord will be performing a little ditty before the premiere.  If you don’t get a reserved seat through our contest, you can print out your own ticket here, but get thee to the Rave early to secure a seat!

Update:  We have 5 winners!  Better luck next time, chumps.

NewsSeptember 11, 2012 at 10:32 am

Free Book About How To Get A Job

Seeing your classmate dressed in black doing the awkward speedwalk-shuffle down Walnut means one of two things: Either s/he’s about to deliver a Status Report with a massive wedgie…or it’s OCR season. But for those looking to score jobs in finance or consulting or– nevermind, good looks and little bit of hustle can only get you so far.

Enter Wharton management professor Peter Cappelli, author of the new book, “Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs” about, well, why good people can’t get jobs. (Hint: being interviewed by your big-big-big-big-big doesn’t guarantee you a second-round interview.)

We won’t give away why it’s so hard to get hired, but you can download the book for free (FREE!). That’s probably a good thing, too, considering you have no money–at least until you find a job!

Free Slurpee Day At 7-11-- Founded in 1927 by Dallas-based ice vendor Joe C. Thompson, 7-11 has been serving our nation for the past 85 years, the Slurpee fast becoming part of the American Dream and WHO CARES? GO GET A FREE SLURPEE AT 38th AND CHESTNUT FROM NOW UNTIL 7 P.M.
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UTB Presents: Philly On The Phourth Of July

If you’re spending Independence Day near actual Purple Mountains Majesty or real Amber Waves of Grain, more power to ya! But if you’re spending the fourth here in Philadelphia– WHERE ALL HISTORY BEGAN– then we have some good news: it’s gonna be poppin’!  And Wawa may have legal license to your soul by the end of it.

This Weekend

“Taste of Philadelphia” Food Festival

As part of Wawa Welcome America, head to Penn’s Landing this weekend to sample dishes from restaurants and food trucks city-wide! Food isn’t free, but it’s certainly cheap: food samples are all between $1 and $5. Sunday is “Gospel Sunday,” which means HEY! Free music! Click after the jump for more events:

Hoagie Handouts— Sick of the anxiety that comes with stealing hoagies from Wawa? Get your free sandwiches the good ol' fashioned, honest way; win them! Our friends at Uwishunu are running a contest that will hook you up with hoagies for a year. It's easier than making those cheesesteak field goals at the football game.
FeaturesSeptember 24, 2011 at 11:58 am

Fall Fest Best Fest

Fall Fest is going down today! From 2 until 9 p.m., Houston’s Hall of Flags will be transformed into a rave of music, free food and disgruntled and hungover students who begrudgingly signed up to volunteer at a booth for a few hours. If you haven’t heard, the staples of Penn’s music scene (Are they staples? Maybe? What do these musicians say about us as a school?) will be there, including Rossman, Slow Dance Chubby and Star Falcon. And then DJ Sega and HOLY FUCK are going to play on College Green, starting a 7! Let’s not forget that Fall Fest is also a chance to get acquainted with some of Penn’s student groups.  But let’s be real– some are clearly better others, so that’s why we’ve created this guide to the best and worst of Fall Fest 2011. To the booths!

A+ List

Chemistry Society: The Chem Society will be making liquid nitrogen ice cream! See, guys, science is sexy. And yummy! You go, Chem Society!

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