NewsFebruary 28, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Food as Medicine? Sign Us Up!

Penn Vegan Society, with the help of SPEC, is bringing celebrated biochemist (B.F.D.) T. Colin Campbell to speak at Penn tomorrow. Dr. Campbell, recently featured in the award-winning documentary PLANEAT, has devoted much of his research and advocacy efforts to the long-term benefits of eating well.

If you’re well-versed in the field of biochemistry and nutritional sciences, they invite you to a “specialist” talk at the TRC-Rubinstein Auditorium, which if you had to Google where that was like we just did, you’re probably not invited. The general public (you!) is invited to hear Dr. Campbell at Irvine beginning at 7:30. According the the PVS, “The purpose of this event is to provide the biochemical and medical basis for plant-based diets.” So prepare to be converted! Also, free food in Irvine beforehand! (Daiya cheese, anyone?)

NewsJune 1, 2011 at 11:40 am

Christmas In June

Ho Ho Woah!  In bizarre Penn news today, it looks like the annual “Penn Christmas” has somehow slipped our calendars.  This article chronicles the dumpster-diving spree that occurs every summer in our own backyards. Hopefuls descend on campus to find Penn clothes, furniture, electronics and more from kids too lazy to give their stuff to the PennMoves sale.

As this excessively long video shows, one newsman-turned-freegan even found a hard drive filled with bank statements, personal documents and strange Korean dance videos (is this any of yours, readers?). Luckily the diver was level-headed enough to dispose of the hard drive… hopefully not in any dumpster nearby.  It seems as if in West Philadelphia, nothing is sacred, not even your trash.