NewsJune 26, 2013 at 1:26 pm

Dollars Worth Spending On Dining

300x250_diningdaysAlthough the Baltimore Avenue Dollar stroll  was unfortunately rescheduled due to rain, we’ve got another food-centric event to let you guys in on. And it’s a lot like Restaurant Week, which we know you can’t get enough of. 

University City’s 9th annual Dining Days begin on July 18th, and reservations are now being taken. Participating restaurants offer pre-fixe three-course dinner specials for either $15, $25, or – if you’re really rollin’ in the dough – $35.

Tons of Penn faves (Distrito! Han Dynasty! Harvest!) are in on the fun, so we suggest making a reservation ASAP. Because come fall semester, when you’re forced to consume this for dinner, you’ll be wishing you had enjoyed some of this over the summer.

Han Dynasty Has Opened– Yup, the Taiwanese eatery on 38th and Market is up and running, as the DP reports. To the surprise and disappointment of many, Han Dynasty is not a BYO and has opted for a liquor license instead to serve drinks like the "Flaming Volcano" and "Scorpion Bowl," if you're into that sort of thing.
NewsMarch 21, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Han Dynasty Empire Expands To University City

Get outta town, Beijing: there’s a new Chinese BYO coming our way and our heads are spinning with excitement. Eater Philly reports that Han Dynasty, the mouth-watering restaurant with locations in Old City and Manayunk, will take up residence at 38th and Market in the space formerly occupied by Mid-Atlantic.

Owner Han Chiang is planning a three week trip to China this summer, where he will attend culinary school to help him update the restaurant’s menu and train chefs. No word yet on an anticipated opening date, but hopefully it will make waves where Mid-Atlantic was stagnant.