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Science Apparently Uncovers Link Between Sleeplessness and Weed

marijuana-under-18Ironically for some pot-smokers, “Insomnia” doesn’t just refer to the company you order from when you need to eat a baker’s dozen of cookies before passing out. Penn researchers have recently discovered that those who embark upon a relationship with weed before the age of fifteen may have difficulties sleeping later in life. The study, which was published in a thrilling new edition of the journal Sleep, examines participants who have reported struggling to fall asleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, experiencing non-restorative sleep and feeling sleepy during the day. 

But do you know what people often do when they can’t lure the scornful temptress of slumber? Smoke. Ah, yes–a self-perpetuating cycle. It’s hard to say what to do when faced with a situation like this, but perhaps the best solution for insomnia-plagued child stoners could be to pass on grass and hunker down with a couple of cookies and a fresh copy of Sleep instead. Or not.

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Some Important Talking Points For The University Council

Tomorrow afternoon is the second monthly University Council meeting of the semester, a forum for discussion and recommendations of issues and policies for the university. If you wanted a chance to speak, submission for questions or proposals were due last last week (womp). Nonetheless, below are some issues we hope attendees have planned to address (or begin maniacally ranting about as they charge the stage, only to be dragged out of the room by the bodyguards we like to pretend Madame President has).

Lower Houston Market prices. Students are actually starting to feel bad about stealing such expensive food, so a reduction to last year’s (only mildly overinflated) prices will put students’ consciences at ease when they shoplift sushi. Read the rest of this entry »

Insomnia Makes The Connection Between Their Cookies And Being High-- Today, at the "6-month to 4/20" mark, you can get 8 cookies for $4.20. #stoners
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That’s right. Your favorite late night cookies can now be accompanied by cupcakes! Insomnia is currently offering three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and red velvet (fancy!). And for a limited time you don’t even have to pay to try one. Enter the code ‘CUPCAKE’ on Insomnia’s website to get a free cupcake with any cookie order. Cookies and a free cupcake without leaving the comfort of your bedroom? Sweet.