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Penn Alum Dates Snapchat Boyfriend; Penn Girls Pissed They Didn’t Think Of It First

Forget what anyone tells you: love is real and for this Penn alum, it’s with a Snapchat doodle. Molly Mitchell, C’11, has stunned the world by introducing everyone to her brand new boyfriend, a handsome yellow-colored fellow with blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s a total dreamboat—he massages her feet, “loves surprising me 4 no reason!!” and is “lyk literally so tall &thoughtful”. The couple looks happy together, although Molly’s parents are a little concerned.

For every Single McSingleton out there, take note. Liking your crush’s Instagram to no avail? Tried Tinder? Are literally all your friends forwarding you their Grouper invites because they already found love and you just “need to get out and meet someone!”? Don’t sweat it, just use technology to your advantage and make your own special friend. The future is now.

34th Street MagazineApril 17, 2014 at 9:55 am


04.17issueThis time of year is about being the best. Best in your class, best formal date, best internship, best first warm day outfit. At Street, we always look for the best…so we can share it with you.

This week, we are proud to present this year’s Best of Penn, from the best wax (useful) to the best place to get down, the best use for bursar (it may surprise you) and many more. Share the best part of your day with us on instagram using #bestofpenn and help us make the last few weeks the best they can be.

Do you want more?

Duh, you’re the best of the best. Food and Drink has the best things to eat in Philadelphia, Arts has the best artsy dates for you and your boo. Backpage has  alumni superlatives. Film has the best Penn shoutouts from the small screen. As you craft your finals playlist, check out best and worst lyrics. Ego has an Ego with a lot to say. You’ll want to read this. They also have the worst of Penn, because it’s not all roses. Find your new favorite holiday as Lowbrow combines Passover, Easter and 4/20. The best Round Up always comes after fling.

Come to our final writer’s meeting of the year. It may be the best yet. 6:30 pm @ 4015 Walnut.

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Your Fling Photos Are In: Reliving Spring Fling 2K14

flingstanleyAs we collectively wallow in this rainy post-Fling Tuesday, we can only hope ya didn’t have to untag too many pictures or explain to your parents why they received a Dominos pizza delivery at 2am on Saturday (It’s a long not even a long story).

Either way, this moody weather gives us the perfect excuse to reflect on what transpired this past weekend, and there’s no better medium to do this than through the contemporary photograph. Without further ado about nothing, here’s our roundup of the Fling photos you sent us, or hashtagged with #flingstagram:





Nothing unites strangers like the 3am drive for calories. Here we observe an eclectic medley of organisms gathering around the oasis that is ol’ McDonald’s.



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Happy Hangover Sunday -- Hope your Flings were arrestless and (un)forgettable. Can we get an amen for the blessing that was that weather?! As you slowly transition back into real people, going through pics as you SABS in the sunshine, remember to enter our #flingstagram contest and to submit your craziest texts by 11:59 p.m. tomorrow night to! UPDATE: SCREENSHOTTED SNAPCHATS ALSO ELIGIBLE.
ContestsApril 10, 2014 at 6:45 pm

UTB Photo Contest: Hashtag Your #Flingstagrams!

flingstanleyAyyyyyy Fling is upon us, people! Whether you’re already intoxicated WITH KNOWLEDGE from your Thursday classes or not, listen up. UTB has thrown together a little scavenger hunt so if you like scavenging and you like hunting, participate in our photo contest. Below is a list of items for you to seek—some things open to interpretation.

❑ Abandoned, toppled solo cup (make it arsty~***)
❑ Scene that embodies “oh no, is that kid okay?”
❑ Wawa line that exceeds 10 people long
❑ Frat president in handcuffs
❑ UTB fling tank (+100 if you come say hi)
❑ Obvious undercover LCA agent
❑ Penn Band fanfare, in Mayfair
❑ Freshman drinking on the down-low, in Lo-Fi
❑ Getting toasted, in Toaster
❑ Person actively and consciously enjoying Qdoba
❑ Vom trail that ends at a toilet
❑ Vom trail that doesn’t end at a toilet
 Somebody flinging a literal, coiled spring
❑ David Guetta doing whatever it is that he does on stage
❑ Scene that best describes “Peace Love and Fling”

Hashtag with


and you’re good to go.

Whoever knocks out the most of these bad boys out by midnight on Monday, April 14th gets a cute li’l write-up in a future post and even better, mad love from everyone here at UTB. So go out, take some shots, and take some shots!

If you’re more of a thousand words rather than a picture guy, send us your texts!

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There Goes The Neighborhood

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 1.30.34 PM

Sometime between Insta-sunset last night and Insta-sunrise this morning, the Tamps were tagged. We can only speculate as to the meaning, which is surely some Illuminati shit– “IRK AFE?” What looks like a poorly-rendered swastika? The number 800? We’re calling in reinforcements. Presumably they’ll catch the perp soon, as our campus is more surveilled than your average high-security prison.

NewsMarch 31, 2014 at 3:24 pm

Want A Floor Pass? Gotta Up Your Instagame, Son

contest_banner_2Snoozin’ through the Fling floor pass lottery? Hope is not lost, friends! All you have to do is sacrifice your Instagram (and potentially your dignity) in a bizarre series of SPEC-sponsored contests Monday-Friday of this week and next. A pair of floor passes will be each day’s prize. SPEC really wants you to work for this, so the contests won’t be to win the passes themselves, but rather to win the vouchers to buy the two floor passes. Ugh, capitalism. Breakdown of the contest after the jump.

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UTB Social Media Takeover: Introducing Our Instagram!

#sushido #emptybentobox #food #grossfood #penn #upenn #uglypics #toomanyhashtags #followus #oninstagram #winkyface

Breaking news: there’s a hot new Insta account on campus to follow. Spoiler alert: it’s us. As we continue to fearlessly report all Penn’s news, goss and dramz on our blog, UTB is expanding its empire to the trendiest photo sharing app around. We’re sure you already follow and like us on our other social networks, so be sure to join in on the Instaphenomenon at @underthebutton. Think we’d let you have all the fun?

And our Insta will feature its own content, a.k.a. “stunning” “photographs” for your “enjoyment,” like the “masterpiece” at the right. Let’s just say we’re lovingly lampooning a certain well-known campus Instagram account.

FeaturesJanuary 24, 2014 at 5:23 pm


Six Instragram users had their work published in print in Thursday’s DP, and now the next tier of snow day pic visionaries are getting cyber-famous. The runners-up used the hashtag #UTBSnowDay and were selected for truly capturing the beauty of campus (and beyond) during the 1.5 snow days this week. Now that our streets are slushy and GBMs/OCR/rush are back, we thank these photographers for snapping the fleeting wintry serenity that enveloped Penn during this semi-commitment-free blizzard. Mazel tov to the Instageniuses, now forever immortalized on the interwebs.

@siricookie might not be a fan of “Her,” but her Quad insta does everything right:


@dani_castillo also had a gorgeous model in FFA, but her shot is particularly stunning:


Click to see the other 5 winning Instas after the jump!

FeaturesJanuary 21, 2014 at 3:06 pm

CONTEST: Let It Snow, Instaqueens

funny-pictures-walken-in-a-winter-wonderlandNow that you have a day to frolic in the winter wonderland enveloping campus, there’s only one thing on your mind: what filter to use on your impending Instagram of inaugural blizzard 2K14, a.k.a your latest social media triumph. No class means no internship applications or lingering work, too, right?

So whether or not your hot drink is spiked right now, your photo skillz can have a double use. Tag @dailypenn or #UTBSnowDay on Insta to submit to the DP’s snow day picture contest. Your artwork has the chance to be “liked” beyond the heart button, and may be published in tomorrow’s paper! Runners-up will be immortalized right here on UTB. Have at it, snow birds – the cold never bothered you anyway.