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Penn Scientists Combat Baldness

tumblr_n03wxy65no1rxvkrmo1_400Male pattern baldness gotcha down? Never fret! Science is here for you. The mad scientists in the Perelman Med School claim to be in the first steps of the process of full hair regrowth. Penn researchers understand the struggle of the “most common cosmetic plight” and don’t want you or your scalp to be judged any longer.

Basically, they’re regrowing stem cells that will generate hair follicles so you’ll be looking as good as you did as a kid! But right now, they’re only making hairier mice.

Next time your great uncle asks you to “rub his head for good luck,” just do it with a smile. And don’t be surprised if your history professor comes back in the fall with long, flowing locks. No longer will we have to worry about shiny heads; we can get down to the real problems in society: unibrows.

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Perelman School Receives (Another) Hefty Donation

…and the Med School wins again! The Philadelphia Business Journal announced today that The Perelman School of Medicine will receive $2.5 million over the next five years to fund the study of lung repair and tissue regeneration.  Surprisingly, this gift is only 1.1% of the most recent large contribution to the school, but even the smallest of multi-million dollar gifts helps in the school’s focus on chromatin remodeling factors and microRNA pathways (what?). Keep up the good work, Perelman School!

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Penn Med Doesn’t Care About Your Relationship Status

US News reports this morning on the unimportance of an appropriate online presence when applying to medical school.  Although the article warns against having any incriminating information on the web, only around 10% of medical schools currently use Facebook to check their applicants’ reputations.  Gaye Sheffler, director of admissions at the med school, says there just isn’t enough time to catch up on the social lives of applicants.  With more than 5900 applicants in recent years, that is a lot of Facebook stalking.

So rest easy Penn Med hopefuls.  There’s no need for you to detag pictures of your cRaZy MCAT study session nor delete that status about getting tattoos with your lab group.

Penn Med Ranked #2 by US News & World ReportThis is good news since we hold the prestige of being the first medical school in the whole entire country, and it'd kinda suck to be the first and the worst.
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The Case Of The Deer Head: A Grad School Mystery

A demonic-looking man. A med school frat. A deer head. What do these have in common? They’re clues.

It started out with a sorta weird photo being sent to our tips line. Some crazy dude was running down the street Friday night with a deer head. While we thought this was kind of odd, we chalked it up to the stuff that goes down at night and went about our business. But then, we learned there was more to the story. And it was sinister.

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The Liposuction One Is Our Fave

Sometimes us undergrads forget about all of the impressive post-grad stuff Penn’s involved with. For example, despite our horrific student health experiences (“Are you sure you’re not pregnant?” “I just told you my throat feels scratchy!”), Penn has an impressive health care system, no doubt due to their sick med school.

So we were weirded out to stumble upon the Medical Animation Library on the Penn Health site. You click on any number of bodily functions (snoring!), health ailments (gout!), or surgical procedures (breast lifts!) and are routed to an animated video on the topic. We guess this is supposed to inform patients and maybe keep down patient flow, a la Web MD? (By the way, the videos are seemingly lifted from A.D.A.M. The Inside Story, the awesome computer game our doctor aunt got for us before she realized science wasn’t our thing.)