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Flyerer of the Week: Chi Olympics

Chi Olympics

If there’s one word that comes to mind when you think of Penn, it’s sports. And charity. And donuts. Well, maybe not. But if you’re looking for a sweet combination of these three, then be sure to head out to Chi Olympics, this Saturday from 2-4 PM . For this week’s Flyerer of the Week, we learned about what it takes to be the best.

What is Chi Olympics? 
It’s Chi O’s annual fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s a really fun tournament with sports and games and great prizes for everybody!

So if it’s a competition, how athletic do you have to be?
Actually, not at all. There’s a donut-eating contest, so no athleticism required.

So why should we come to this event as opposed to the other billions of things happening this week?
Because it supports an awesome organization! Make- A-Wish Foundation does great things for kids. Also, anyone who participates will have a lot of fun and can win prizes. We have gift cards for everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

Where, specifically?
We have Kiwi and Smokes! What college kid doesn’t like some beer with a side of froyo?

If you could describe this event in three words, what would it be?
“Fresh”, “once-in-a-lifetime-experience”, and “cash-swag-money” .

Speaking of cash-swag-money, what would happen if Amy G showed up to the event?
We would recruit her for our team. There would also be lots of selfies going on. She’d be a really good competitor for the relay race or something but probably bad at the donut-eating contest. If she wanted, she could be the Grand Torch Bearer who lights the fire of Chi Olympics. The physical and metaphorical fire, that is.

Great! Any last words?
I’d rather be roller-skating right now. I’m not lying….wait, don’t put that!

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Is Penn’s Storytelling Internship Right For You?

Listen. We need to chat. We know you’re excited to apply for Penn’s Storytelling Internship. We get it. We know you want to “tell Penn’s story” and curate its Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts. After all, everyone is a curator these days, and you could be one too! But hold on, eager beaver– are you really ready for this? Is Penn’s Storytelling Internship right for you? After all, you need to:

  • Be “wildly enthusiastic” about Penn (JESUS, TAKE YOUR WHEEL)
  • Be able to “edit sentences to perfection” (…TO PER! FEC! TION!)
  • Have a “knack for sharing links on Facebook” (COPY/PASTE TO THE HEAVENS)
  • “Have thick skin” (NO TEARS HERE!)

So the livin’ ain’t easy! But think about it, okay? Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or concerns. Hope we could help.

NewsJune 26, 2012 at 10:15 am

For Millennial Men, There’s No Place Like Home

Good news for all the Chazz Reinholds out there! A recent study conducted at Penn by Assistant Professor of Economics Greg Kaplan shows that Generation Y men who live with their parents earn more than lone rangers who opt out of returning to their racecar beds with Star Wars sheets.

According to the UPenn study, young men don’t even have to physically relocate Chez Mom & Dad to reap the economic benefits. Just having the option to move back home provided enough of a psychological security net to allow them to be more discriminating about the kind of jobs they accepted, which translates to holding out for positions with higher long-term earning potential. At 23, men who had the option to return to the nest were earning 5% more a month than those who didn’t.

This new research is refreshing because it not only casts our generation in a more positive light—slowly chipping away at our lazy, bucket-of-excuses iMage—but it’s finally a study about millennials conducted by a millennial himself ! While these two factors might be strongly correlated, we applaud Kaplan for stepping up to the plate to defend us against all the “kids these days” finger-waggers.

NewsMarch 20, 2012 at 3:33 pm

Is Penn Being Cheap?

Holly Otterbein over at Philly.com certainly thinks so. In an article today, Otterbein challenges Penn and other Philadelphia nonprofits to step up and channel a portion of their funds back into the city. Back in the ’90s, you see, Penn was part of the PILOT program (“payments in lieu of taxes”), in which the city conferred nonprofit statuses on over 40 organizations if they agreed to fork over a portion of what they would owe in property taxes.

Fast-forward a few years, and the $9 million the city used to receive from the PILOTs has dwindled to less than $400,000– and Penn no longer contributes anything. Huh. What gives?

While Otterbein points out that Penn offers Philadelphia certain services for free (like police support), it takes advantage of the city’s fire, water, and trash collection departments, among others. Is Penn Philly’s biggest moocher or not?

NewsFebruary 9, 2012 at 7:07 pm

Wharton Works Both Coasts

Does Silicon Valley want Wharton or does Wharton want Silicon Valley? Hard to say. But now that Wharton’s West Coast campus is big and pretty and fancy, the two are getting cozy, as Bloomberg reports.

Wharton’s Executive MBA program, for businesspeople who want to learn more business during their weekends, has a branch at the San Francisco campus now, for easy access to America’s technology epicenter. It’s not clear what a stronger West Coast  presence will bring to Wharton, besides better weather.

NewsJanuary 23, 2012 at 6:12 pm

The Green Fund Has Cash For Earth

The Green Fund is a pile of cash set aside for projects that will make The Environment pleased with Penn. Money goes to proposals, submitted by any member of the Penn community, that promote sustainability.

TGF recently announced its Fall 2011 batch of prizes, which includes ozone laundry at Pottruck. Ozone laundry? Haha, does the machine go “bleep bleep bloop” and split ozone to clean clothes? Oh, wait.

The fund’s announcement gleefully notes that the projects have already begun to show return on investment. Just in case you thought that the earth was ripping us off.

NewsJanuary 5, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Penn Pays To Avoid Porn

The .xxx domain was approved by THE INTERNET (formally, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) in March and went on sale to the public in December. As Philly.com reports, the classification works just like .com, .org, and .edu domains, but is (as the name suggests) reserved mostly for pornography and fansites for the classic Vin Diesel masterpiece of the same name.

Penn is reported to have snatched up a couple websites, although the administartion didn’t reveal which they had purchased. Our expert guesses, after the jump:

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Penn Cancer Center Sues Former Researcher For $1 Billion

Beep beep! Angry scientists coming through! As the Scientist reports, the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute at Penn is suing a former employee of 12 years, Craig Thompson, for withholding information about founding a biotech firm, Agios Pharmaceuticals. The Abramson Institute claims that Thompson is responsible for stealing their intellectual property, although Thompson claims that he had nothing to hide. So the Abramson Institute is suing him for $1 billion.

What ever happened to “the scientific community” and “not whining about intellectual property when your life revolves around finding the cure for cancer and you’re wasting time and money by filing a lawsuit so just look at the bigger picture, man”?

Penn Med School Receives $16 Million Anonymous Donation– As The DP reports, the gift is the single largest gift towards neuroscience research. Neat!
NewsDecember 10, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Penn Students Play Philanthropists, Give Away $100,000

Sometimes, it is about the money, as students in one Urban Studies class recently found out. As Newsworks reports, the students, investigating the relationship between philanthropists and grant recipients, were given the chance to apply what they’d learned after an anonymous donor supplied them with $100,000, a first for the class. With so many deserving organizations around the Philadelphia area, shelling out money turned out to be a very difficult task.

In the end, nonprofits like the East Park Revitalization Alliance, an urban greening organization, and Play On! Philadelphia, an after-school music group, were awarded the money that had been divvied up between five groups. Well, that’s one way to use $100,000.