NewsJuly 14, 2011 at 2:22 pm

Vive le Startup!*

We were just as shocked as you when we realized we hadn’t posted about a Penn startup since last week yesterday. Today, we début* Sportaneous (who doesn’t love a good portmanteau*), started by a Penn-Columbia tag team. The new app enables users to organize pick-up sports games with other users in the same city, all thanks to GPS technology. So it’s essentially a mélange* of for the commitment-phobe and foursquare for the socially-functional creep, non*?

Currently, Sportaneous is making its mark in New York City and San Diego, but the owners hope to expand to Philly quite soon. Which means you’re in luck if texting your clique* to shoot some hoops at Pottruck has always felt like a chore!

*Bonjour, it’s Bastille Day