NewsApril 10, 2014 at 4:52 pm

UTB’s Hourly Guide to Fling

Amidst all the rumors and outrage, Fling and actual spring weather have finally arrived! UTB is putting aside our “Free Fling” protest signs to give you an extensive guide for this weekend. Here’s how to push through 4 p.m. hangovers, Bouncy castle-induced nausea, and narc paranoia to live Fling to the fullest.


10 am: Awaken and seize the Fling. Head to a discrete location to pregame. If you’re a freshman and can’t get to your friends in other parts of the Quad, pregame via Facetime so it feels (a little) less sad.

12–6 pm: Fling around town. We recommend these events:

Lower Quad – Bloomers Band @ 1:00, Dischord @ 4:30
Upper Quad – Penny Loafers @ 2:40, Penn Hype @ 5:10, Fried Oreos @ every hour.

But realistically, you’re just gonna follow your fully flung heart/mind/stomach anyway. More semi-scheduled debauchery after the jump!

Locust FlaikusNovember 21, 2013 at 1:54 pm

Locust Flaikus

Locust FlaikusAfter years of agonizing research, we’ve finally solved Ego’s perennial question.  In a shocking twist of fate, scientists have confirmed that there are three kinds of people at Penn—those who love flyers, those who hate flyers, and those who have an unstoppable urge to write haikus about flyers.  We are in the latter camp.

We know what you’re thinking—enough scholarly discourse, bring on the poetry! Ok, ok, we’ll indulge you just this once.

Penn Singers Presents: Thoroughly Modern Millie

We tried out for this.
They cast us as a coat rack.
Come see our debut!

Penny Loafers Fall Show: Abercrombeat and Pitch

We lold at the theme.
The show is close to Chilis.

Off the Beat Presents: Technicolor

Sceney aca group.
Singing J.T.  Well be there.

Arts House Dance Company and Penn Masala Present: Flappers and Falsettos

Already sold out
Aca-dance group love baby
Hear our falsetto.

The Excelano Project Presents: Raindance

The best poetry
Except for one fatal flaw,
No Locust Flaikus.

NewsApril 18, 2013 at 11:19 am

Oh No, Penn Wrote An Original Song Again

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse that “Penn’s Stepping Up” (the heinous Penny Loafers-helmed disaster of a promo video for the Making History campaign), THINK AGAIN. The ridiculous factor has been upped in unimaginable ways with “Time to Shine,” a new single by Sean Altman of a group called “Rockapella,” which is climbing its way to the top of the A-Gut charts.

Filled with such poetic themed lyrics as “a red and blue flame burning with pride” and “Penn’s mighter than the sword,” the song is otherwise a vague pop anthem about spreading the light to enlighten every mind and capturing the future. Kudos on the catchy factor, however, because we cannot get this song out of our heads for the life of us. If the Locust T2S makeover wasn’t enough of an indicator, Team Amy is PROUD of its fundraising success. We have a feeling John Legend and/or Train will rock out to this jam on Friday…and the only cure to all the cringing will be “Drops of Jupiter.”

Locust FlaikusApril 4, 2013 at 10:10 am

Locust Flaikus

Locust Flaikus

Lots of shows this weekend! Possibly because everyone wants to squeeze their events in before the fling pandemonium starts. Here’s our weekly guide to what you’re missing when you shove politely ignore the kid thrusting a flyer in your face:

Take Back The Night

Breaking the silence
Protesting on College Green
Speak out with candles

Penn Jazz presents: Swingin’ at the Vatican with Pope Francis Sinatra

Come hear some smooth jazz
And apparently the Pope?
Didn’t know he played!

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NewsApril 6, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Acapell-Uhhh…This Is Awkward

It’s sweet that the Penny Loafers are down to recycle and all, but maybe they should have waited one more year. As you can see above, for their spring show, the Penny Loafers have quite blatantly repeated show title “I’d Hit That…Note,” one that the Pennchants and Quaker Notes shared for their combo show back in 2008. Is this going to stir up a rumble? A-ca-drama? To find out, see the Penny Loafers show this weekend slash the Pennchants show on April 20th and 21st.

Love WeekFebruary 11, 2012 at 3:45 pm

DJ Your V-Day Hookup To UTB’s Favorite Penn Hits

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with that special guy or gal in your life than by bringing a little bit of the Penn community to your February 14th hookup? Depending on what you’re going for in the love department, we’re here to provide you with some of Penn’s top tracks so that you can get right down to business. Please, thank us later.

Fratastic Chill Beats, Cuz You Have a Chill Date: “Frat Life” by Jerome Vivinno. This track has seduction written all over it. Chill seduction, that is. The combo of slow tempo and Vivinno’s  smooth-like-honey vocals is sure to set the mood early.
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NewsDecember 7, 2010 at 3:29 pm

Penn’s Stepping Ugh-p

The university’s newest Youtube gem is this “Penn’s Stepping Up” video, which features the Penny Loafers doing  a cringe-worthy remix of Diana Ross’s masterpiece in order to publicize Penn’s “Making History” campaign. The overly-peppy song is reminiscent of a local car dealership commercial jingle, and it makes us feel really uncomfortable. Also, the video description says that the clip includes “…an all-star cast of Penn alumni, students, faculty and friends,” so why aren’t we featured?! Tear.